Learn how to increase your inventory slots, equipment slots, and more in No Rest for the Wicked in our Plaque Ichor Guide

Spilled Blood Quest

Early in your journey in No Rest for the Wicked, you will receive a quest from Roan and the Watcher to collect Plaque Ichors named Spilled Blood. This Quest starts your journey to upgrade your character’s Inventory and Equipment slots. Next, let’s talk about the available upgrades Plaque Ichor offers.

Plague Ichor Upgrade

Once you find Plaque Ichors, take them to Roan and The Watcher at the top of the Rookery. Here, you can select 1 of 8 options to upgrade your character.

  • +5 Gear Inventory Slots
  • +5 Item Inventory Slots
  • +5 Resource Inventory Slots
  • +5 Misc Inventory Slots
  • +1 Mainhand Slots
  • +1 Offhand Slots
  • + 1 Ring Slots
  • + 1 Tool Slots

Where to find Plaque Ichors

Plaque Ichors drop from each Boss in No Rest for the Wicked. Once you get a Plaque Ichor, make sure to head back to the Rookery to Upgrade your character!

Plague Ichor Guide Conclusion

Make wise choices with your Plaque Ichors and good luck on the hunt! For more No Rest for the Wicked Guides, be sure to check out our Home Page