In Throne and Liberty there are various methods of fast travel to help you quickly traverse the map. This guide covers everything you need to know about how to fast travel in Throne and Liberty.


You will see grappling locations called Pitons located on the sided of cliffs and other areas. These pitons are utilized to travel to otherwise inaccessible locations.

If you can use a Piton you will see an interaction mark displayed. There are two different types of Pitons. One will send you to a specific location, and the other will enable you to jump into the air. They are color coded so you can tell them apart. Blue means move to specific location, and red means jump into the air.


There is a fast travel option in Throne and Liberty that allows you to teleport to the nearest base. This option is called return. In order to unlock this ability you must first complete the Herbalist’s explanation codex.

Once it’s unlocked you will then be able to see the return option in the bottom right of your screen. You simply click on the return option or utilize the hotkey in order to get transported to the nearest base.


Morphs is a system in Throne and Liberty that allows you to shapeshift into another form. Doing this will allow you to disguise yourself or move faster. There are many different types of morphs. You can learn more about how to morph and the types of morphs by check our Morphs Guide.


Waypoints are located in each territory. When you interact with a waypoint you will be able to teleport to any other waypoint. However, in order to do so you must have first discovered the waypoint you are trying to travel to. There is a small fee when utilizing waypoints.

There are also dungeon waypoints located within each territory. You can interact with the dungeon waypoint and select which floor you wish to travel to. However, much like regular waypoints you must have first discovered and activated the waypoint to travel to it. There is also a small fee associated with dungeon waypoints.

Gigantrithe (Flying Whale)

Gigrantrithe is a massive flying whale. This beast spawns every 3 hours and provides a buff to all players while active.

There is one island zone in the bottom right of the map that can only be reached via riding on Gigantrithe. The whale also has a gathering node on him that players can harvest. However, you will need special tools to do so.

Fast Travel in Throne and Liberty