In Throne and Liberty, the main daily-type system is called the “Contracts” system. Contracts provide you rewards such as Growth materials, Sollant, EXP and more. To initiate and carry out Contracts, you’ll need to head to the right place to pick them up. Find out everything you need to know in this Throne and Liberty Contracts guide.

Contract Vendor Location

Contract Vendors are found throughout the entire world of Throne and Liberty. Each Vendor can be located inside a main safe Town. These Towns can be also be found on the map by looking for the green tent icon. Depending on the location you choose, the Contract Vendors also give Contracts appropriate to the level of the zone. As a result, it is beneficial to head to the later-game locations if you’re a higher level.

The Vendors can be found at the following Towns:

  • Kastleton
  • Starlight Observatory Ruins
  • Watcher’s Post
  • Purelight Tower
  • Sanctuary Oasis
  • Vienta Village
  • Canina Village
Throne and Liberty Contracts Guide map image

How to Pick and Complete Contracts

Once you interact with the Contract Vendor, you’ll see an interface with several Contract options available to you. Each Contract shows the location, the tier, the level range and the rewards. Each objective the Contracts have can be seen on the right-hand side. These objectives also vary depending on location. It is possible to select up to 5 active Contracts at the same time. As a result, pick and choose carefully to avoid Contracts that do not provide the rewards you want. It is also important to be aware of the ability to “Refresh” the Contracts page. You can only refresh the page after selecting one Contract from the list. Once you have the Contracts you desire, head on out to their location and carry them out!

Contract information is easily viewable on the quest-log interface on the UI, however, you can also click on the information button on the Contract to see more.

Contract Rights

As expected from a daily system, Contracts rely on “Contract Rights” to continue taking out Contracts. These Contract Rights replenish every day at your server’s local reset time. A total of 10 Contract Rights return to you each day. Check out our leveling guide for information on how to best use your Contracts.

Contract Coins

Contract Coins is an additional currency provided to you when completing Contracts. These Contract Coins are exchangeable at the Contract Coin Merchants – typically located next to the Contract Vendor. The Merchant boasts a great selection of upgrade materials and more with each item including a daily restriction.

Contract Tips

  • Try to use the Refresh system to ensure you gather 5 Contracts that include the rewards you’re looking for but also make sense. For example, picking the same location.
  • Partying up and doing Contracts with friends can also be beneficial! This method saves time for everyone and the rewards stay the same.
  • Keep an eye out for easier Contract objectives to make life easier. For example, there is a few Contracts that have the objective of “Chop down 3 trees”.
  • Some Contracts can have a unique reward that rarely shows up. This is the “Lucky Pocket”. This item when opened can drop any Rare or Epic rarity recipe for Armor. Also, Rare or Epic gems can drop too. As a result, always pick these Contracts when available.
  • To maximize gains, check for Contracts that give maximum value rewards based on the materials you want. For example, some Contracts give 3 Weapon Growth stones. Occasionally, however, others give 4.

Throne and Liberty Contracts Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Throne and Liberty Contracts guide. For more information on Throne and Liberty, check out our Home page!