Ashes of Creation is an upcoming, ambushes MMO that looks to push the genre forward in multiple ways. This guide will take a look at the Ashes of Creation Release Schedule and what you can expect in each testing Phase.


December 15, 2017 – March 10, 2020

The pre-alpha phase of Testing in Ashes of Creation or Alpha 0 was invite only. The pool consisted of friends and family only.

Ashes of Creation Apocalpyse

During the Pre-Alpha Phase of Ashes of Creation, a battle royale style sub-game was put in to early access called Ashes of Creation Apocalypse. Apocalypse was set to test some of the engine/end-game mechanics but never fully released as a game.


March 27, 2020 to Present

Ashes of Creation is currently in the Alpha Phase of testing between Alpha 1 and 2. Most of the Alpha testing is accessable to people who purchased a backer package.

Alpha 1

March 27, 2020 to August 15, 2021

The Alpha 1 Phase of testing for Ashes of Creation included spot testing and preview weekends available to Kickkstarter, Crowd funding, and Pre-order packages. Here are the details of the features that were available during the Alpha 1 Testing phase

  • Max Level 15
  • Cleric, Mage and Tank Primary Archetypes
  • 4 playable races Kaelar, Vaelune, Dunir, Empyrean
  • Node system up to Stage 3 (Village
  • 49 Unique Gear Sets
  • Some version of player housing
  • Castle Siege Instance
  • Elder Dragon World Boss
  • Raid Parties

Changes to Unreal Engine 5

The Alpha Phase officially Ended on August 15, 2021. During the gap between between Alpha 1 and 2, Intreped moved Ashes of Creation from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5. Not only would this improve the visual performance of the game but Intrepid stated that this would also increase the speed of develpment by switching earlier in the development process.

Alpha 2

Novemeber 2023 to Present

The Alpha 2 phase of testing is available to Kickkstarter, Crowd funding, and Pre-order packages. It started with spot testing in Novemeber of 2023 and is set to move into a NON-NDA phase of Testing with a Semi-presistant world in Novemeber 2023. Alpha 2 is set to have the following features available for testing:

  • Character Creater with all 5 races available
  • Revamped Combat
  • Node Progression to Stage 5 (City)
  • Story Arc
  • Quests
  • Seasons and Climates
  • Seiges
  • Guild Wars
  • Naval Content
  • All 8 Primary Archetypes
  • Secondary Archetpes (added slowly over Time)
  • Artisan Classes
  • Auction House
  • More still to be announced

Servers will be wiped between the Alpha and Beta Phases of Testing


Beta Dates have yet to be announced for Ashes of Creation. Intrepid has stated that the Beta testing phase will be short as the game will be Feature-Complete before moving to the Beta phase of testing. All Beta Testing for Ashes of Creation will be closed. Some Key features of Beta 2 will be as followed

  • Offical Music will be revealed
  • Node system complete

Servers will be wiped between Beta and Early Access Test Phases

Early Access

Ashes of Creation will have a Early Access phase that will be granted to Kickkstarter, Crowd funding, and Pre-order packages. This phase will give loyal backers a chance to hop in a little early while giving Intrepid a chance to test server and launch settings.

Servers WILL NOT be wiped between Early Access and Full release.


There is no current release date for Ashes of Creation. The Full release of the game will require a Subscription cost to play but will have no “Box Price”.

Post – Launch

Finally, is the Post Launch plans for Ashes of Creation include Montly Minor updates and Major Lreases occuring every 3 – 6 months. ALL post launch content will be provided within the subscription cost of the game.

Ashes of Creation Release Schedule Conclusion

That Concludes our guide. For more on Ashes of Creation, make sure to check out all of our content here!