The Furnishing Trade Skill in New World allows players to craft furniture for player housing. Trophies, chests, chairs, tables, drawers, and much more. We will discuss this and more in our New World Furnishing Guide.

Furnishing in New World

Trophies are a common item to place in your house since they give you a global buff of some kind (Limit 5 per house). Chests are also a common item to place in your house as they increase your storage shed size in the settlement you are in (Limit varies on house size). 

To get started with Furnishing you will need to gather resources. Once the resources have been obtained you will be using the Workshop (Arrow/Musket icon on map) to craft anything Furnishing. Walk up to the Workshop and press your default interact button, “E”, to open the crafting window.

furnishing station new world

Leveling Furnishing

Information in this section contains a recommended method to level your Furnishing Trade Skill. Below, we’ll walk you through each step to get your furnishing to level 250 in New World.

NOTE – Remember to Salvage the items you craft to level up to regain some material that you can repurpose or sell for gold.

Levels 1 – 50

The first recommendation for leveling this tier is to craft 113 Rusty Iron Lanterns for a total of 16,950 experience. The Rusty Iron Lantern requires 15x Iron Ingots, 5x Oil, and 5x Fiber to craft.  Total required materials:

Levels 51-100

For 51 to 100, we’ll continue to craft 759 Rusty Iron Lanterns at 150 experience each for a total of 113,850 experience. The Rusty Iron Lantern requires 15x Iron Ingots, 5x Oil, and 5x Fiber to craft.  Total required materials:

Levels 101-150

Next, We’ll start crafting Brown Bear Pelt Rugs. Below is the list of materials you’ll need to craft them and make your way to level 150:

NOTE – Brown Bear Pelt Rugs Salvage into Layered Leather

Levels 150 – 250

Finally, to get to level 250, we’ll be crafting Legendary Virtuoso’s Mandolins. Below is the extensive list of Materials that you’ll need to craft the Mandolins:

Enhancing Your Furnishing

Buffs and perks are the 2 main ways to enhance your Trade Skills, however, Furnishing is one that doesn’t have any. There are no perks or buffs that are for Furnishing, so you don’t have to seek out any gear or temporary buffs to increase this Trade Skill. 

Basic Trophies

Artifact itemCrafted Item
Ancient Texts Basic Arcana Crafting Trophy
Quartermaster’s Notes Basic Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
Chef’s Secret Techniques Basic Cooking Crafting Trophy
Ancient Femur Basic Ancients Combat Trophy
BarkfleshBasic Angry Earth Combat Trophy
Pristine Wolf Claw Basic Wildlife Combat Trophy
Corrupted CrestBasic Corrupted Combat Trophy
Ectoplasmic EssenceBasic Lost Combat Trophy
Engineer’s Technique ManualsBasic Engineering Crafting Trophy
Journal of Aeternum FloraBasic Harvesting Gathering Trophy
Lumberjack’s TokenBasic Logging Gathering Trophy
Stacked DeckBasic Loot Luck Trophy
Surveyor’s Tools Basic Mining Gathering Trophy
Armorer’s JournalBasic Armoring Crafting Trophy
Notes on Aeternum FaunaBasic Skinning Gathering Trophy
Taxidermied Blue-blooded BarbBasic Fishing Gathering Trophy

Major Trophies

Artifact itemCrafted Item
Philosopher’s StoneMajor Arcana Crafting Trophy
Forgemaster’s Notes Major Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
Chef’s Secret CookbookMajor Cooking Crafting Trophy
Ancient MandibleMajor Ancients Combat Trophy
Glowing SapMajor Angry Earth Combat Trophy
Pristine Bear ClawMajor Wildlife Combat Trophy
Corrupted TotemMajor Corrupted Combat Trophy
Ephemeral SealMajor Lost Combat Trophy
Precision Engineering ToolsMajor Engineering Crafting Trophy
Mercurial TokenMajor Harvesting Gathering Trophy
Pure ResinMajor Logging Gathering Trophy
Loaded DiceMajor Loot Luck Trophy
Adamantine DustMajor Mining Gathering Trophy
Precision Armoring ToolsMajor Armoring Crafting Trophy
Tracker’s SealMajor Skinning Gathering Trophy
Taxidermied Daemonaja Major Fishing Gathering Trophy

New World Furnishing Guide Conclusion

That concludes our New World Furnishing Guide! For the best way to find high Tier Trophy mats to use with your max level Furnishing, check out our Reekwater Luck Run!