Learn how to unlock and infuse your vampire with powerful passives in our Alter of Stygian Awakening guide.

How to Unlock the Alter of Sygian Awakening

To start unlocking passives, you must first Earn the Alter of Sygian Awakening. Once you’re level 53, head to Gloomrot to track down General Elena the Hollow, an Act II Boss. Once you defeat her you will unlock the Alter of Sygian Awakening.

Unlocking Passive Abilities in V Rising

Now that you have unlocked the Altar, you can start unlocking Passive Abilities. There are 3 passive abilities for each of the 6 types of Spells in V Rising. To unlock the passives, you need Stygian shards (more on this below). Below is the cost of each Tier of Passive.

  • TIER 1 – 400 Stygian Shards
  • TIER 2 – 600 Greater Shards
  • TIER 3 – 1000 Greater Shards

You can unlock every passive in each tier. For more information on each passive, check out our Ability Guide

Earning Stygian Shards

Stygian Shards are primarily earned during Rift Incursions in the Ruins of Mortium but can also be earned when exploring the Ruins of Mortium zone. Rift incursions are public events that have 3 stages, the last of which is a V Blood boss.

At the end of each stage, you will earn several Stygian Shards (Level 57+) or Greater Stygian shards (Level 83+) depending on the level of the event. These shards can then be used at the Alter of Stygian Awakening to unlock your passives.

Alter of Sygian Awakening Conclusion

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