Welcome to our Throne and Liberty Secret Dungeons page. On this page, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know regarding Secret Dungeons and the types of dungeons there are.

What are Secret Dungeons in Throne and Liberty?

Secret Dungeons is your gateway into all the current instanced PvE activities Throne and Liberty has to offer. Each activity has varying levels of player scale, for example:

  • Taedal’s Tower – Solo (1-Player)
  • Paola’s Dimension Circle – Party (6-Player)
  • Gate of Infinity – Solo (1-Player)

All of the above activities have different objectives and rewards, as a result, understanding which each activity can reward helps a lot with targeting what you desire. Every activity is available to find and start in the “Secret Dungeon” tab, found in the Escape menu.

Taedal’s Tower

throne and liberty secret dungeons tower img

Taedal’s Tower is a Solo-only instanced PvE activity introduced to you early on in the game. Once unlocked, opening the tower’s menu presents you with floor 1-20 options and boss images. To the right, you can see the possible rewards for defeating each floor. However, the rewards for each of these floors are a one-time reward!

The tower has the following floors to offer:

Floor 1 – Charging Gatekeeper (Level 15)
Floor 2 – Rushing Queen Spider (Level 17)
Floor 3 – Screams and a Healing Song (Level 19)
Floor 4 – Spinning Goblins (Level 20)
Floor 5 – Warrior’s Cry (Level 22)
Floor 6 – Finding the Piton in the Flames (Level 24)
Floor 7 – The Bound (Level 26)
Floor 8 – Poisons, Explosion, and Detox Herbs (Level 28)
Floor 9 – Dance of the Flashing Sword (Level 30)
Floor 10 – Commander’s Shadow Strike (Level 35)
Floor 11 – Maze of Death (Level 36)
Floor 12 – Answers in the Sand (Level 37)
Floor 13 – Drop! Lightning! Destroy! (Level 38)
Floor 14 – Out of Sight (Level 39)
Floor 15 – Stealers and Retrievers (Level 40)
Floor 16 – Precise Moment (Level 41)
Floor 17 – Unbreakable Shield of Cooperation (Level 42)
Floor 18 – Swirling Firestorm (Level 43)
Floor 19 – Reaching for Higher (Level 44)
Floor 20 – Revenge and Resurrection (Level 45)

Each floor has its own set of challenges and mechanics, can you reach the top?

Paola’s Dimension Circle

Paola’s Dimension Circle is Throne and Liberty’s take on 6-Player party dungeons. These dungeons are the typical instance-based activities you’d also expect from most MMORPGs, providing great loot.

Each dungeon has its own loot pool at the end of the run, different bosses and environments. As a result, learning each of the dungeons and where the best loot for you is located is important!

Dimensional Contract Tokens

At the end of a dungeon, a reward chest is presented to you and the party. However, to loot the chest, you require a currency called “Contract Tokens: Dimension”. Contract Tokens regenerate every daily reset, currently, 900 Tokens replenish at reset. The total amount of Tokens you possess and the full information can be seen on your HUD.

However, depending on the level of the dungeon you complete, the cost of the box changes. For example, Level 50 dungeons require 300 Tokens to open. Fortunately, you can check the cost and rewards before you enter via the Secret Dungeons menu.

Dimension Circle Dungeon List

Below is the list of the currently available Tier 1 dungeons in Paola’s Dimension Circle, including the level recommended:

Specter’s Abyss (Level 20)
Temple of Roar (Level 30)
Underground Cave of Desperation (Level 40)
Death’s Abyss (Level 50)
Cursed Wasteland (Level 50)
Temple of Slaughter (Level 50)
Butcher’s Canyon (Level 50)
Underground Cave of Destruction (Level 50)
Tyrant’s Isle (Level 50)

Tier 2 Dungeons

Tier 2 Dungeons is a step up in difficulty compared to the Tier 1 Dungeons. These Dungeons require a lot more teamwork and mechanical knowledge to succeed in. However, the loot they provide is far superior. It costs 450 Dimension Tokens per Tier 2 chest open at the end of a run. Below is a list of the currently available Tier 2 dungeons:

Island of Terror (Level 50)
Voidwastes (Level 50)
Valley of Slaughter (Level 50)
Carmine Rage Island (Level 50)
Torture Chamber of Screams (Level 50)

Gate of Infinity

The Gate of Infinity is the most recently added instanced Secret Dungeon in Throne and Liberty. The primary objective of the Gate is to fight solo bosses from Taedal’s Tower – with a twist. The main difference is that while the boss fight already exists in the Tower, the mechanics of the bosses change – some even with new mechanics entirely! As a result, you can consider this a type of “Challenge Mode”! Also, we are provided with a new challenge every 4-5 days, each providing rewards for completing challenges!

throne and liberty secret dungeon gate img 1

As can be seen above, there is set objectives for each Gate that is opened. The main objectives are the following:

  • Kill the Boss
  • Defeat the Boss within 3 minutes
  • Defeat the boss within 1 minute 30 seconds

Completing each of these tasks rewards you with several Epic rarity Skillbooks! As a result, it is very important to complete these when a new challenge appears! You also have the ability to compare rankings and speedrun attempts at defeating the boss with other players on your server! For more information on the Gate of Infinity, click here.

Throne and Liberty Secret Dungeons Conclusion

That concludes our Throne and Liberty Secret Dungeons page. For more information on Throne and Liberty, check out our official Home page!