In New World, Trade Skills can be progressed past max level. By doing so, you can earn a ton of end-game items and rewards. Continue reading for everything you need to know in our New World Trade Skill Aptitude Guide.

What is Trade Skill Aptitude

Trade Skill Aptitude is a form of trade skill progression that begins after reaching level 250 in any trade skill. Upon reaching 250, a Leveling Circle will update to show 3 markers equidistant from each other on the circle. At this point, Earning Trade Skill Experience will begin earning you aptitude points. When you reach one of the markers you will be awarded with an aptitude container. This box contains useful items that are, for the most part, trade skill-relevant. For example, craft mods, special ingredients, recipes, and schematics. 

trade skill aptitude

Each subsequent marker will reward you with a better reward than the one before. Gaining enough experience to go all the way around the circle will increment the Aptitude counter by one. This will allow you to keep track of how many times you have progressed your aptitude.

One of the rewards you can obtain from hitting a reward marker within the Aptitude system is an Equipment Pattern. They have a small chance of dropping from Arcana, Weaponsmithing, Armoring, and Engineering Aptitude Reward Caches.

Equipment patterns are crafting artifacts that will enable you to craft a guaranteed Gear Score 600 item that will have a specific appearance. The patterns will require a significant amount of high-end crafting resources to create, and players will have the normal amount of control over the outcome of the perks using Craft Mods and Azoth.

You can also acquire trade skill gear patterns from the aptitude crates. If you acquire one of these patterns you simply need to make your way to the applicable crafting station and craft the gear. It only requires the pattern to craft the gear, and whichever piece you craft is bind on equip and can be traded or sold.


Reward List for Each Trade Skill

The links below will direct you to the database. From there you can see the drops included in each of the packages listed. Every trade skill follows the same progression with the rewards. The 1st aptitude level will reward you with a parcel of Materials for that trade, the 2nd will reward you with a crate of materials for that trade, and the 3rd will reward you with a package of specialized materials for that trade.

Crafting Aptitude Boxes

Crafting Skill1st Aptitude2nd Aptitude 3rd Aptitude
ArcanaParcel CratePackage
CookingParcel CratePackage
EngineeringParcel CratePackage

Gathering Aptitude Boxes

Gathering Skill1st Aptitude2nd Aptitude 3rd Aptitude
Fishing Parcel CratePackage
HarvestingParcel CratePackage
LoggingParcel CratePackage

Refining Aptitude Boxes

Refining Skill1st Aptitude2nd Aptitude3rd Aptitude
Weaving ParcelCratePackage
aptitude rewards

Earning Gypsum with Trade Skill Aptitude

Earning a trade skill aptitude box will also reward you with an Emerald Gypsum. It’s important to point out that the Gypsum can be earned once a day, and it can be obtained from ANY of the trade skills, including crafting, refining, and gathering.

If you are farming specifically for Emerald Gypsum, utilizing logging and cooking are the quickest methods. More specifically, logging is the most efficient method, experience per node wise, followed by mining and then harvesting. 

Skinning and Fishing are the exceptions. Skinning does not yield enough XP per kill to meet the experience requirement needed to get your daily Gypsum to make it an efficient method, and Fishing typically does not yield that much experience per cast, so using fishing to get your Emerald Gypsum isn’t going to trump the other methods listed above. 

However, gathering ironwood isn’t always going to be an option, especially on a high-population server. Therefore, obtaining the necessary materials to craft hearty meals is a great alternative. Typically you can craft roughly one full stack of hearty meals to obtain the gypsum. The materials necessary are typically very cheap, making this a great way to obtain your gypsum each day.