Welcome to our Grand Aelon Guild Boss guide. In Throne and Liberty, multiple Raid Bosses appear throughout the open world and in Guild Raid activities. Each boss is at a different level and brings their own unique mechanics. Grand Aelon is a Level 50 Boss, as a result, we recommend tackling this with guildmates that exceed that level. Grand Aelon in the open world is found in Purelight Hill. However, once your Guild hits level 17, you can take on Grand Aelon with your Guild via the Guild Hall. Let’s take a look at Grand Aelon’s mechanics and how to defeat it!

Grand Aelon Boss Fight [Normal Difficulty]

Phase 1

Grand Aelon is one of the last bosses to unlock in both the open world and as a Guild Raid option. However, Grand Aelon is considered one of the easier Normal Difficulty bosses. This is due to having very little mechanics. There are a few attacks to be aware of though! Firstly, as players can expect, Grand Aelon has a Fury Attack that emits a huge green AoE shockwave, dealing damage to all players that do not block in time.

grand aelon guild boss guide aoe

Nature Cone

Another attack typical to most Normal Difficulty bosses is Grand Aelon’s cone attack. Grand Aelon looks in a target direction with a green cone-shaped indicator on the ground. Soon after, a ton of spiked thorns erupt from the ground, dealing damage to all players in the zone.

Nature’s Prison

The main mechanic of this boss fight is the Prison mechanic. Grand Aelon calls out, sending several players in the raid into a prison cell made from nature. Each player inside one of these prisons progressively bleeds out from increasing DoT damage applied to them. As a result, it is up to the rest of the raid players that’re free to break them out by damaging the Prison Cages!

Keep the above mechanics in mind, DPS the boss down and defeat it! This is one of the easier bosses to complete on Normal Difficulty.

Grand Aelon Guild Boss Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Throne and Liberty Grand Aelon Guild Boss guide. For more information on Throne and Liberty, check out our official Home page!