Unlocking the Chef in No Rest for the Wicked gives you access to prepared food, cooking materials, and food Recipes. Below is a Step by step walkthrough on how to Unlock Chef Gordon and complete the Inn Keepers Husband Quest.

The Inn Keepers Husband

The first step to unlocking Chef Gordon is speaking to his wife Caroline in Sacrement. Caroline will send on a quest to find her husband who has gone missing in the shallows, near Mariner’s Keep. Visit Caroline at the location circled in the image below.

Next, head down to the Cerum Whisper located at the bottom of the tower in Southwest Mariner’s Keep. Go up the stairs and then head out to the northwest platform. Then, Jump the gap on the bridge and talk to Gordon. He’ll ask for help to lower the ladder behind him to give him a way out. Gordon’s locations marked with an X in the image below.

After speaking to Gordon, jump back over the gap and go down the tower. Walk around the outer edge of the tower and head north along the boards to the outer edge of the Coast. Balance across the planks and head up the two ladders. From there go around the stairs to the left and up yet another ladder. Next, go up the stairs in view, around to the left, and through the door. Continue to head left and defeat the mini-boss guarding the level.

Next, pull the leave to open the gate behind you. Open the gate and stick close to the right side of the wall until you reach a door on the right. Go down and across the bridge until you reach the Ladder.

Once you go down the ladder, talk to Gordon

Chef Location in Sacrement

Once the Quest is complete, you can find Chef Gordon in Sacrement near his Wife Caroline. Below is an image of his location and his available inventory once you unlock him.

How to Unlock Chef Gordon Conclusion

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