The Longbow is a classic Fantasy MMORPG weapon – popular among many. In Throne and Liberty, this weapon provides the typical ranged damage you’d expect. However, it also provides powerful auras to teammates! Learn everything you need to know about Thone and Liberty’s classic Longbow in our Throne and Liberty Longbow Guide!

Longbow Active Skills

Active Skills in Throne and Liberty go on your Skill Bar and can be cast to affect both enemies and teammates. Currently, there is a total of 12 Skill Slots on your Skill Bar. To create your build, you must choose between both weapon’s Active Skills to fill out your 12 slots!

The Longbow’s Active Skills are focused on dealing consistent ranged damage, providing auras for the team and moments of burst. Below is a list of all the Active Skills for the Longbow

Active SkillIconDescription
OvertakerDefend against attacks. Consumes additional stamina in proportion to the damage defended. Upon blocking Fury Attack, Overtaker is converted to Agile Shot for 3 sec. Agile Shot Fires an arrow that deals damage equal to 220% of Base Damage + 24 when used in place, plus damage that increases by 4% per m as you move away from the target. Use with the directional buttons to move in the direction you entered. In this case, deals damage equal to 110% of Base Damage + 12 with a 80% (80% for monsters) chance of Binding the target for 3 – 3 sec.
Zephyr’s NockDeals damage equal to 300% of Base Damage + 26. Increases damage by 2% per 1m as the distance from the target increases.
Ensnaring ArrowFury Attack | Deals damage equal to 120% of Base Damage, with 80% chance of Binding the target for 3 sec.
Decisive SnipingDeals damage equal to 600% of Base Damage + 53. Increases Ranged Critical Hit by up to 500 in proportion to the target’s remaining Health.
Strafing Fires 4 consecutive arrows, each dealing damage equal to 80% of Base Damage + 11. If you land 2 or more Critical Hits, you can reuse the skill once.
Nature’s BlessingCreates an area with a radius of 16m that increases Health Regen by 525 of you and your party members for 6 sec. Only gets the effect within the area.
Brutal ArrowA single arrow shot to the sky falls to the selected location, dealing damage equal to 360% of Base Damage + 41 to the enemies within the 3m area. Enemies within the 1m area around the center receive 540% + 61.
Deadly Marker Has a 90% chance to afflict a target for 9 sec. Increases your party members and your All Hit and All Crit by 200 when attacking the marked target. Each successful Critical Hit landed on the marked target by you and your party members decreases you and your party member’s remaining skill cooldown by 1% and your Nature’s Blessing skill cooldown by 3%. The cooldown reduction effect is only applied 50% to monsters.
Purifying TouchRemoves 1 CC effect from the selected target (in order of Actions Disabled > Moving Disabled > Enfeebled). At the same time, increases your Attack Speed by 23% for 3 sec.
Arrow Vortex Fires an arrow in the selected direction, dealing damage equal to 100% of Base Damage to the first enemy hit and decreasing all enemies’ Move Speed by 40% in a 3m radius around the target. After 2 sec, applies a 38% chance (53% for PvE) of Collision: Pull to pull all enemies within range to the center.