In No Rest for the Wicked, you’ll loot several Fallen Embers along your journey. These are an important end game item that you’ll want to keep. Learn more about the item in our guide.

Fallen Ember no rest for the wicked

What are Fallen Embers

Fallen Embers are found all over the world of No Rest for the Wicked. You can loot these from monsters and chests. For most of the game these items seem useless, but at end game, they are extremely important. Make sure you save them!

These Items are used in the Northwest part of Sacrament in a area called the Cerim Crucible. Here, you can spend Fallen Embers to access an “infinite” amount of end-game dungeons to progress your character and earn rewards.

Unlocking the Cerim Crucible

The Cerim Crucible is unlocked when you complete the Main Quest Line. You can find the Cerim Crucible by visiting the Masonry in Sacrament. You can find the Masonry in the Northwestern corner of the town.

Unlocking the Cerim Crucible

Once there, enter the building and head down the path in front of you. This will take you all the way to the bottom. Here, you can enter the Crucible. To do so you will need to have a Fallen Ember. It costs 1 Fallen Ember each time you enter. Walk over to the alter and interact with it to place your ember. Then, head to the circle in the middle to descend into the Crucible.

Cerim Crucible No Rest for the Wicked

Beating the Cerim Crucible

Once inside the Crucible you will face several different levels of enemies. You must completely clear the room of all enemies in order to progress to the next level. After you have cleared several rooms you will encounter the end game boss. Defeating this boss will reward you with high end gear, including unique weapons.

Cerim Crucible No Rest for the Wicked

Make sure you stock up on plenty of potions and consumables prior to entering the Crucible. There’s a lot of environmental hazards in each level as well. Pay attention to your surroundings, or you could find yourself ending your run early by falling off the map.

Fallen Ember Guide Conclusion

Good Luck in the Cerim Crucible. For more No Rest for the Wicked guides, check out our NRFTW home page.