In Throne and Liberty, character growth starts at Gear Crafting. However, the end game revolves around upgrading the crafted pieces to their highest potential! Let’s check out everything you need to know from our Throne and Liberty Upgrading Guide!

Upgrading Gear

Upgrading gear is a straightforward but important process to progress your character’s power. However, unlike many other MMORPG’s that share this upgrading system – there is NO chance of failure! As a result, upgrading in Throne and Liberty is stress-free, simply requiring the upgrade materials and gold cost to do so. Weapons and Armor in Throne and Liberty require scaling amounts of “Armor Growth Stones” or “Weapon Growth Stones”. It is important to note that the percentages seen in the image above are BONUS gains you can randomly roll onto your upgrades. Instead of failing an upgrade, it’s more about how much you succeed!

Growth Stones

The Growth Stones for Armor & Weapons can be obtained a few different ways.

  • Hunting objectives
  • Daily Contracts
  • Equipment Lithograph Book
  • Growth Stone Dissolving or Combining
  • Potentially more!

Growth Stones of the same quality can be merged together to upgrade into a higher tier of Growth Stone. For example, if you have several Rare quality Growth Stones, you can merge them to create an Epic quality Growth Stone!

Throne and Liberty Upgrading Guide Growth Stones Image

In reverse, you can also dissolve higher quality Growth Stones into multiple lower quality Growth Stones!

Gear Merging

Throne and Liberty Upgrading Guide Gear Merging

If you happen to have an unwanted weapon that has Growth Materials invested into it, there is a system to support this – Gear Merging! An example of Gear Merging is shown above, an unwanted Uncommon Longbow+3 is available to merge into a Rare Greatsword, boosting the Greatsword’s level! As a result, this makes committing Growth Materials into Weapons and Armor less regretful in the long run, while allowing an easier build transition.

The experience trade-off is as follows:

  • Green Level 6 -> Blue Level 3
  • Blue Level 9 -> Purple Level 6

Upgrading Skills

Throne and Liberty Upgrading Guide skill upgrade

Skills in Throne and Liberty can also be upgraded both in quality and level! The game alerts you the moment you can upgrade with an upwards arrow symbol on each Skill. Also, Skills have a number and colored crystal in the bottom right of the icon to show the grade and level of the Skill. For example, a Purple Crystal with a 2 indicates an Epic Grade Skill that is +2.

Throne and Liberty Upgrading Guide Skill Grade

To upgrade Skills in Throne and Liberty, you’ll have to find Weapon Knowledge Tomes that associate with the Skill(s) you wish to upgrade. For example, every Longbow Skill requires a Longbow Tome. Once you have the tomes to upgrade, it’s a simple click of a button – no failure rates! This also applies to Weapon Skill Passives.

Throne and Liberty Upgrading Guide Skill Books

Skill Conversion

Skill Conversion allows players to swap experience from one skill to another! However, it is important to note that a few things are required:

  • Each Skill Conversion requires 1 Skill Conversion Book
  • Only Skills that share the same original grade can be swapped (for example, Precision Dash on Greatsword swapping to Zephyr Nock on Longbow)

The first 10 Skill Conversion Books only cost 1000 Sollant. After the initial 10 purchases, each Skill Conversion Book costs 240 Lucent.

Throne and Liberty Upgrading Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Throne and Liberty Upgrading Guide! For more information, be sure to check out our Throne and Liberty Home Page!