As you progress into No Rest for the Wicked you will eventually make your way into the capital of Isola Sacra, called Sacrament. Sacrament is a war-torn place, but over the course of your journey you’ll be able to help rebuild Sacrament to its former glory.

This area acts as your main hub. Here you will be able to explore various features of the game. These include visiting a smithy for weapon and armor upgrades, learning how to craft various items, and more. Each NPC you meet within the town has their own story to tell, and you’ll be in control of how the town evolves over time.

You can also purchase a property within Sacrament. Your home can be fully decorated, and can be utilized for many other purposes.

no rest for the wicked sacrament

Building Projects

Once you make it to the main town you’ll have the option to aid the people there by rebuilding it. This is done by visiting Maker Danos, the Builder. For example, you could help Fillmore the blacksmith rebuild his smithy by contributing certain resources. As a result, you’ll be able to upgrade your gear, and he’ll have better gear for sale.

This can be done for various locations around the town. This allows for the town to grow and therefore change the dynamic and the settings of the town. You will notice the NPC’s become friendlier, and often times begin offering better trades and services.

building projects no rest for the wicked

Every Vendor & Purpose

Below is a list of every vendor located within your main hub and their purpose:

FillmoreBlacksmithSells & repairs armor and weapons
Whittacker WoodcrafterSells furniture
Mirabelle & MeriweatherTailorSells cloth & light armor
FrinnichGeneral ShopPurchase and sell general items
GordonCookSells dishes and ingredients
FinleyRare Item MerchantSells exclusive & enchanted items
EleanorEnchantressEnchants gear with magical effects
MarkosAlchemistSells potions, bombs, projectiles
Maker DanosThe BuilderImproves town
RandolphCaptain of the GuardOffers Bounties & Challenges
CarolineInnkeeperProvides beds that grant status effects

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