Welcome to our Mystic Globes and Portals guide. This section will show you everything you need to know about Mystic Globes and Portals. This includes where to find them, what they are and the rewards you can get from them!

Mystic Globes

Mystic Globes in Throne and Liberty populate all over the world map. They float in random locations and can be interacted with by players. A detailed sphere-like marking indicates a Mystic Globe is nearby for you to use!

Mystic Globes and Portals globe minimap

Once you locate a Mystic Globe on the map, head over towards that location until you come across a red floating orb – that is the Mystic Globe. Pressing the “F” key interacts with the Globe, giving you various rewards such as EXP, crafting materials and even Event Items! In this example, we have the Lunar New Year pouch.

Mystic Globes and Portals rewards

Inside Event pouches, items such as Food Buff Consumables and large amounts of Sollant are in the drop table!

Mystic Portals

Mystic Portals in Throne and Liberty act as a sort of “continued event” after opening a Mystic Globe. Occasionally, an alert pops up after using a Mystic Globe informing you a Mystic Portal is spawning.

Mystic Globes and Portals mystic portal img

The Mystic Portal is also indicated as seen above on the mini-map with a large swirling portal icon and a timer below it. Once you reach the Mystic Portal territory, you’re tasked with finding the portal. This portal, however, is actually just a larger Mystic Globe! After you find it, make sure to interact with it to obtain the rewards.

Opening a Mystic Portal rewards a larger sum of the rewards you’d usually get from the normal Globes! Once the Portal is looted, the Portal Event closes and you’ve completed the Event. As a result, always be on the look-out for Globes to obtain some goodies and maybe even Portals!

Mystic Globes and Portals Conclusion

That concludes our Throne and Liberty Mystic Globes and Portals guide. For more information on Throne and Liberty, check out our official Home page!