Ebonscale Reach is home to one of the most lucrative luck runs in New World with 30 Supply Stockpiles. Not only that, but the run is easy to solo and can be done in under an hour. This is is important because Supply Stockpiles can be looted once every hour. Below we’ll walk you through the most time-efficient route through the Ebonscale Reach Supply Stockpile run. If you have trouble finding the Supply Stockpiles, make sure to check out https://www.newworld-map.com/.

First, let’s go through the locations of the zone you’ll visit along the Ebonscale Reach run.
A. Serenity Outpost
B. Stormcourt Shipment
C. Euphorcea
D. Imperial Shipwreck
E. Road Chest
F. Water Shrine
G. Air Shrine
H. Skysong Shrine
I. Skysong Temple
J. Skysong Crypt

Serenity Outpost

You’ll Start the Run at Pilgrims Rest. Head South to Serenity Outpost and start with Supply Stockpile 1.  From here, you will go into the building and up the stairs to Supply Stockpile 2. Then head back out of the building and to the right to chest 3. After looting Supply Stockpile 3, you are on to your next location, Stormcourt Shipment for Supply Stockpile 4.

Stormcourt Shipment

Once at the Stormcourt Shipment, you will start at the southwest part of the zone. Head into the building and up to the top floor to loot Supply Stockpile 4. Next head North to the next group of houses. You will need to be on the north side of these houses and head up the stairs on the easternmost side. The stairs are on the outside of the building. Head upstairs, defeat the boss and loot Supply Stockpile 5. From there, head to Supply Stockpile 6 and try to avoid the roaming cannon brute along the way. Once you loot chest 6 you are ready to head to locations C and D. 

Euphorcea and Imperial Shipwreck

There is only one Supply Stockpile (7) to loot in Euphorcea and it is at the top of the temple in the center of the zone surrounded by a boss and two exploding Angry Earth mobs. Once looted, jump down and head east to the Imperial Shipwreck To Stockpile 8.  Stockpile 9 is on the other side of the shipwreck right beside an orichalcum node. From here head east again and loot Supply Stockpile 10. Next, there is a Corrupted Musketman in the middle of the zone by the bonfire. Kill him, as he will aggro you from the next Stockpile and prevent you from looting it. Kill the Corrupted in front of Supply Stockpile 11 and loot it!  From here head north to your next stop.

Road Chests and the Water Shrine

Grab Supply Stockpile 12 and 13 along the Ebonscale roads then Head to The Water Shrine and loot Supply Stockpile 14. Don’t forget to check the Orichalcum nodes in the Water Shrine as well.

Air Shrine and Skysong Shrine

Head to The Entrance of the Air Shrine to the West, up the stairs, and across the bridge to the first building. Head into the building and upstairs to Grab Chest 16. From there you will want to run back downstairs and across the second bridge and to the right over the third bridge of the Air Shrine. From there head to the right and hug the wall til you see two chests and a Corrupted boss with a great sword.  There you will find Supply Stockpile 16. Loot it and jump over the eastern wall down to the ground. Next, hug the mountain range to your left until you are able to pass through the opening to the south. From there you should head north again past the Fast Travel point and up to Skysong Shrine. 

Once at Skysong Shrine you will run up and around to your left making a U-turn and heading to chest 17 where you will find Supply Stockpile 17 on the upper floor of the southernmost building. Loot it, then head back downstairs and cross the northern pathway until you can head west again to Supply Stockpile 18, which again is upstairs in the western building. From there you will again head downstairs and north until you cross into the Northernmost building of Skysong Shrine.  Head upstairs and loot Stockpile 19.  Next, you will jump off the balcony of the building you’re in and head across the lake to your east. After you cross, Head to the North East to the entrance of Skysong Temple.

Skysong Temple

Ebonscale Reach Supply Stockpiles 20-23

Here is where things get a little bit complicated so if you have trouble following along with the written guide make sure to check out our video below!  

Once inside Skysong Temple, hug the path to your left and go up the STONE stairs attached to the outer wall. When you reach the top, follow the pathway to the right until it takes you left. Keep going until you can hop over the stone balcony over to another wooden balcony that is attached to the building where you will find Supply Stockpile 20. 

Hop the balcony and go to the entrance on the west side of the building. Head upstairs until you come across the Supply Stockpile. Loot it and head back downstairs and around to the eastern balcony of the building. Next, hop off on the east side, then immediately head north until you pass to see some tiger cages. Stay to the right of the Tiger cages until you see a path to the East. This should lead you to a Courtyard type area where you will see a Corrupted Summoner boss named Visit. This boss can be a bit challenging solo but you will need to kill her to loot Stockpile 21.

Now head north through one of the two arched doorways into an area with two Skysong Heavy bosses (one on each side of the staircase). Kill the one on the side that you enter then make sure to grab the Ancient Chest (22) which is behind the back (north side) of the staircase. Next, head up the first mini flight of stairs and loot Supply Stockpile 23. Then head up the next flight of stairs to the south and across the wooden platform until it T’s. Head to the Left and around the path that should lead you to the top of the Eastern Tower in Skysong Temple. 

Ebonscale Reach Supply Stockpile 24-27

Once at the top you should see a few Cache and Supply Stockpile 24. From here, you need to turn around and hug the balcony railing to the right until you run past the two red pillars. Stay to the right until you hit the balcony wall and turn right to carefully hop onto the stone pathway below. Make sure to land on the pathway as it will save you quite a bit of time. Next, head back across the wooden platform from before to the west. Now head up to the top of the Western Tower and loot Supply Stockpile 25.  

Once you have looted the Stockpile, you will want to carefully head to the northern part of the balcony and make sure to CAREFULLY hop down to the north to land on a walkway with a bridge hanging lanterns below.  Keep heading north on this pathway until you are forced to go right across a wooden bridge.  Once across the bridge, you will reach another building. You will want to stay on the wooden balcony and head left and around to the stone stair case ahead. Go up the stairs and to the platform where you will see two corrupted summoners. This is another challenging fight solo. Once they are defeated loot Supply Stockpile 26 and then hop over the edge to the north.  

Next, Cross the water to the north and head towards Supply Stockpile 27 which you will find in a shack once you cross the water. Then you are ready to head to Skysong Crypt, your final destination!

Skysong Crypt

As you head north, you will want to continue down the path to the right. When you’re able to, hike up the hill and into the crypt building at the top. You will come to a T in the staircase and will want to head down the right side until you reach the bottom. Kill  “The Cursed One” and the adds and loot The Ancient Chest (28). Exit back out of the Crypt and head north up the stairs. Next head down the pathway through the trees at the top until you  Encounter the boss “Farly”  Kill Farly (or get him to de-aggro by standing on the chest. Loot the Ancient chest (29) and head down the mountainside to the south and into the Cathedral for the final Supply Stockpile at the back of the Church! 

Ebonscale Reach Supply Stockpile Guide Conclusion

Congrats on your Ebonscale Reach Supply Stockpile run! Remember you can run this every hour if you get efficient at the route.