The Armoring Trade Skill in New World allows players to craft (armor) hats, shirts, gloves, pants, boots, bags, and balms. We will walk you through everything you need to know about Armoring in our New World Armoring Guide.

Armoring in New World

To get started with Armoring you will need to gather resources to craft. Once the resources have been obtained you will be using the Outfitting Station (Spool of Thread icon on map) to craft light and medium armor and the Forge (Anvil on the map) to craft the heavy armor. Walk up to the respective crafting station and press your default interact button, “E”, to open the crafting window.

Leveling Armoring

Information in this section contains a recommended method to level armoring. There are various ways to achieve 250 armoring, and you are in no way restricted to this method. Below is an Efficient way to hit level 250 in Armoring, Before we start, lets look at some things to consider during the leveling process.

First Craft Bonus

You get a “First Craft” double XP bonus for each unique item you craft. Be sure to utilize this when possible as you level Armoring! Just make sure that the item is around the same price as the recommended item in the Armoring Guide down below.

Using Scraps to Level

You can utilize scraps from a perfect salvage to quickly level any applicable trade skill. This is a great way to obtain a boost to your trade skill experience.

Salvaging Crafted Items

Always remember to salvage the items you craft to level up. With this method, we will put in lower quality mats to craft items. When salvaged, these items will produce more valuable material. For instance, we will be crafting silk gloves from level 100 to 250. We will be making these items using Glintsrands but, when they’re salvaged, well get back Silk. You can sell the silk at a higher amount of gold and use that gold to buy more, cheaper, material to level with.

Levels 1 – 50

Fo level from 1 to 50, will be crafting Linen Shoes. To do so you’ll need the following Materials

Levels 51 – 100

Next, we’ll switch over to Rugged Leather Gloves. To get from 51 to 100 you’ll need to get the following items together:

  • 1152 x Shadecloth
  • 1152 x Shadowfur
  • 1152 Iron Ore

Remember to salvage these Gloves once you’re finished crafting them, as they will yield Rugged Leather in return.

Level 100 – 250

From level 100 ALL the way to 250, we’ll be crafting Silk Gloves. This is a long spring, but one that only requires 3 materials to make

Total required materials

  • 24268 x Glintstrands
  • 24268 x Shadowfur
  • 24268 x Iron Ore

Armoring Gear

To Craft Max-level Armor in New World, you must first obtain the Armoring gear. Armoring Gear can be looted from the appropriate boss OR be purchased from the auction house. Below is a list of each piece of crafting gear and where you can find it in the open world:

Enhancing Your Armoring

Buffs and perks are the 2 main ways to enhance your Armoring. Perks are limited to item type and only being able to have 1 type of perk on the item. For example, an amulet can’t have Armorer Expertise because it is only an Armor Perk.

Armoring ArmorHow to Obtain it
Armorer HatLeviathan of the Deep
Armorer ShirtThe Siren’s Fist
Armorer GlovesThe Siren’s Guide
Armorer PantsThe Siren’s Gun
Armorer ShoesAbiogenesis

You can also craft them from a pattern located in Tier III Aptitude box from Armoring. You will also need an Earring with the armoring mastery perk on it to complete the set.

How to Craft 700 Gear Score Items with Armoring

When crafting max-level items, you will need to use the Prismatic Tier V items such as Prismatic Ingots. You will also need things such as Trophies, Armoring gear, and more (see below). Again, some items will require a Tier V crating station but most items are no longer dependent on the quality of the crafting station. You will, however, receive an azoth discount based on the tier of the crafting station:

  • Tier 3 = 20% discount.
  • Tier 4 = 30% discount.
  • Tier 5 = 45% discount.

Finally, you’ll need to own a home in a settlement that has the appropriate crafting town buff active. Below is a summary of everything you will need to craft a 600 Gear Score item:

  • Armoring level 250
  • 5 pieces of Armoring Gear (see above)
  • Earring with Armoring Mastery Perk (cheap on Trading Post or craft your own)
  • 3 Major Armoring Crafting Trophy +5 Min Gear Score for Armoring/Jewelcrafting (Artifact)
  • Spicy Cabbage Soup +15 Min/Max Gear Score for Armoring (Recipe)
  • House in a Settlement with the Armorer’s Inspiration +5 Min Gear Score for Armoring