Welcome to our Silence Rogue build guide! In this build, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to utilize the Silence Rogue build in Dark and Darker. This includes Skills, Perks, Stat Priority and more!

This Rogue build focuses on a more support-focused approach to the Rogue class. Traditionally, the Rogue is poised to assassinate and burst other players. However, while this build deals damage all the same – it brings unique qualities too.

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Cut Throat and Hide are the recommended skills required to run the Silence Rogue Build. Hide is a must-have for any Rogue player for stealth options and surprise attacks. Cut Throat is our support skill of choice in this build, as we can silence our opponents – cutting them off from any buffs or skills!

Recommended Silence Rogue Build Spells

While the Rogue has no spells currently available to it, there may be access in the future through cantrips! As a result, make sure to check back here for updates!


For this Rogue build, we recommend the following perks:

  • Double Jump
  • Jokester
  • Hide Mastery
  • Shadow Runner

The main aim of this build is to be able to be a solid damage dealer, while still abusing stealth as a mechanic and silencing our opponents. Double Jump, Hide Mastery and Shadow Runner allow you to efficiently position yourself in a good spot for your team and onto your target as fast as possible. Jokester however is simply a stat-stick for you and your team which never hurts.

Stat Priority

  • +All Attributes
  • Strength or Agility
  • Any other Physical Damage modifier

Within the stat priority, it should be a no-brainer that +All Attributes is a great all-rounder stat to obtain. Strength or Agility is a must, increasing your survivability, speed and damage output. As can be expected, any other Physical Damage modifier after the rest is useful too!


Weapons for the Silence Rogue build is a fairly straightforward situation. We recommend running a Rapier in one hand slot, and then a Kris Dagger in a separate hand key-bind, not as a dual-wield. The reason for this is to prevent ourselves from slowing down too much from the weapon movement speed penalties of dual-wielding. The Rogue can use the Rapier for ranged-spacing versus other melee classes while the Kris Dagger is the weapon of choice for opening from stealth.


For the Silence Rogue Build, we recommend using a decent combination of cloth and leather where appropriate to get the best protection-to-movement speed ratio. This can be the following:

  • Leather Cap or Shadow Mask
  • Marauder Armor or Regal Gambeson
  • Lightfoot Boots or Rugged Boots
  • Leather Gloves
  • Loose Trouser

The above loadout provides the best possible resistances without compromising your movement speed. Try to build your loadout with the above in mind to yield the most optimal results. Finally, do not forget to find the associated stat priorities required for the build!

How to Play the Silence Rogue Build

The Silence Rogue has one main goal in mind for his or her team. The goal is to find a good position in a situation that leads to a team fight but also allows you to easily access their backline/support. When the opportunity presents itself to engage after using Hide, you can immediately engage on the opponent’s backline, for example, the Cleric.

As you approach the Cleric, pre-activate your Cut Throat skill and begin landing your first hits. As a result of landing Cut Throat on the Cleric, you have essentially shut off all supportive abilities that the Cleric can provide, allowing your team to roll over the enemy frontline. While attacking the Support is usually the best play, you can also attack a damage threat that has a Protection shield and other buffs, as the silence will remove them!

The best part of this build is that you can essentially play like a normal Rogue, however, with an additional purpose that gives you some kind of team utility. To recap, make sure to silence the enemy support or neutralize a damage threat where possible by getting into a good position!

Multiclassing Options

Multiclassing has been taken out of Dark and Darker to be reworked. We’ll update this section when more information is released.

Silence Rogue Build Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Silence Rogue build guide, providing a team-based, utility-focused Rogue build. This build can be run at an extremely budget price. All you need is a Rapier and a Kris Dagger! For more builds and guides, check out our Dark and Darker section. Finally, if you’re interested in further class guides or builds, check out our Bard and Warlock guides.