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Dark and Darker Bard Guide


Welcome to our Dark and Darker Bard Guide.  Bard is the next class coming to Dark and Darker. This guide covers everything we know so far about the Bard.  We will keep this guide updated as new information is released.


Skills in Dark and Darker are the core abilities to each class has unique access to. Currently, you can select two of the following skills to complement the playstyle or build choice you prefer:

  • Dissonance
  • Encore
  • Song Memory and Song Memory 2


Creates an unpleasant noise to block hostile targets within a certain area from casting spells and silence them for 3 seconds


The next song is automatically played to the end without any input and is sure to succeed

Song Memory 1 & 2

Can store up to 4 sweet music as space permits per Song Memory slotted

Recommended Skills

At this time, we would recommend using Dissonance and Song Memory 1. Songs are a vital part of the Bards kit and without them, the bard is just a really bad version of rogue. Dissonance can be powerful if used at the right time in PVP battles, used to silence classes with powerful spells such as Clerics and Wizard.


Perks in Dark and Darker serve as unique passive traits. Each class can slot up to 4 perks once they reach max level:

Lore Mastery

A High level of understanding of objects increases all types of interaction speed by 25%

Melodic Protection

While Playing, the caster’s physical damage reduction bonus is increased by 15%

Rapier Mastery

When using a rapier, weapon damage increases by 3 and action speed increases by 5%

Wanderer’s Luck

Increases the chance of finding high-quality items when opening treasure chests.


If the performance is successful, increases nearby allies’ weapon attack power by 3 for 6 seconds.

Recommended Perks

At this time, we’d recommend using Lore Mastery, Rapier Mastery, Warsong, and Melodic Protection


Songs are musical spells that the bard can play to buff his allies or debuff enemies.

How to play songs as Bard in Dark and Darker

Songs are played using magical instruments by using the default “right click” to start the song. The player will then complete a mini-game event to play notes using the same input button. Depending on how well the song is performed, the bard will grant a buff to allies.

Here are the Songs available to the Bard:


Gradually increase the movement speed of you and your nearby allies for 8 seconds based on your performance. This movement speed buff can Stack 3 times.

  • Poor Performance – 5 per second
  • Good – 10 per second
  • Perfect – 15 per second

Chaotic Discord

Excites nearby monsters to attack the nearest target except for the performer.


All nearby players and monsters temporarily lose the will ot fight when enchanted by the channeling section of the song.


Gradually restores the Recoverable Health of you and your nearby allies based on your performance.

  • Poor – 1 hp per second for 2 seconds
  • Good – 2 hp per second for 4 seconds
  • Perfect – 3 hp per second for 6 seconds


Musical Weapon

Musical Instruments will be similar to a spell book for a Wizard or a Cleric and allow Bards to play songs (cast spells). Players will need to play the songs to cast the spells. Depending on how the player performs is how effective the spell will be. We do not currently know what types of Instruments will be available at this time.


Bards are experts at using the rapier, one of the best melee weapons in Dark and Darker.

Stat Priority

Different stats in Dark and Darker have different properties, as a result we recommend prioritizing the following stats on gear:

  • +All Attributes
  • Wisdom
  • Dexterity

+All Attributes is a no-brainer, allowing you additional stat points in every stat is huge value. Wisdom currently increases the buff duration from your songs. and Dexterity increases your movement and Attack speed with your Rapier.

How To Play Bard


Dark and Darker Bard Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Dark and Darker Bard Guide. Make sure to continue to check back her for up-to-date information about the Bard Class and other Dark and Darker Information!

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