Learn how to pilot Throne and Liberty’s best support build, including how to apply Attributes, Skills and Passives, Gear, and more! Our Throne and Liberty Wand Longbow Healer Build can be used in both PVE and PVP.

Skills and Passives

Below is the Active, Passive, and Defensive Skills for the Wand Longbow Healer Build. For insight on which order to level these Skills up, Check our Skill Upgrade Progression Section below

Active Skills

Touch of DespairSwift Healing
Ensnaring ArrowNature’s Blessing
Curse ExplosionClays’s Salvation
Karmic HazePurifying Touch
Time for PunishmentBlessed Barrier
Deadly MarkerCursed Nightmare

The Active Skillset is centered around healing and supporting our allies in multiple ways. Swift Healing, Nature Blessings, and Clays’s Salvation are our healing spells.

Nature’s Blessing doubles as a support spell that provides increased mana regen. Ensnaring Arrow and Cursed Nightmare help provide Crowd Control utility as well. Blessed Barrier protects our group via a barrier and increases healing to targets with Blessed Barrier during the day.

While Deadly Marker, Time for Punishment, and Karmic Haze do not deal direct damage, they greatly increase the DPS of our allies in battle. Touch of Despair and Curse Explosion are our two direct damage abilities that can be cast when no support is needed.


Devoted ShieldSaint’s Oath
Devotion and EmptinessSelfless Soul
Distorted SanctuaryVampiric Contract
Noble RevivalWraith’s Beckon

Our passive selection is centered around increased healing output and support. Devotion and Emptiness and Noble Revival directly increase your healing output while Vampiric Contract allows your team to leech life from your cursed Targets.

Selfless Soul increases your mana regen to help keep supporting your allies, while Devoted Shield and Distorted Sanctuary provide some added survivability.

Defensive Skill

Chaotic Shield (Wand & Tome Defensive Skill) provides an easier way to evade enemy Fury attacks and applies a curse to an enemy with a successful Perfect Cast as well as provides a flat increase to stamina.

Skill Upgrade Progression

Next, Let’s look at the order in which to prioritize upgrading your skills. We’ve prioritized the most important skills to help guide you through skill progression to help get you started. It’s important to note that you will upgrade all skills to max eventually and that some Skill start out at Rare or Epic Quality


  • Swift Healing (Uncommon to Epic)
  • Curse Explosion (Uncommon to Rare)
  • Nature’s Blessing (Rare to Epic)
  • Touch of Despair (Uncommon to Epic)
  • Cursed Nightmare (Rare to Epic)
  • Chaotic Shield (Defensive Skill) (Uncommon to Epic)
  • Curse Explosion (Rare to Epic)
  • Ensnaring Arrow (Uncommon to Epic)


  • Devotion and Emptiness (Uncommon to Epic)
  • Vampiric Contract (Rare to Epic)
  • Wraith’s Beckon (Rare to Epic)

Attributes, Weapon Mastery, and Guardian

In this section, we will go over the Attribute spread, as well as the Weapon Mastery and Guardian choices for the build.


For this build, the main attribute is Wisdom, giving us an increase in cooldown reduction, max mana, and mana regen. Dexterity is our second attribute to gain increased attack/cast speed as well as critical chance. The Attribute Spread for the Wand Longbow Healer is as follows:

NOTE: This information does not include gear bonuses.

  • STRENGTH – 10
  • DEXTERITY – 25
  • WISDOM – 35

Weapon Mastery

Wand and Longbow have great Mastery Trees for support. You can level up your Weapon Mastery by simply using the weapon during gameplay. The Weapon Mastery Trees for each weapon are as follows

NOTE – Your first Weapon Mastery Point will be used to select the first node in each weapon.


  • Support – 4 point
  • Recovery – 8 points


  • Damage – 1 point
  • Recovery – 9 Points
  • Weaken – 2 points

Guardian – Lady Knight Kamarshea

Lady Knight Kamarshea provides a massive boost to cooldown reduction while also providing some added defense. Her cooldown reduction can be used in many situations to help increase your healing, your group’s mana


In this section, we will cover what Weapon, Armor, and Accessories you will be using at the End-game and what gear you will be looking for to start your build and then bridge to your BIS gear.


IMPORTANT – You will want to level up RARE gear to 9+ before transferring progress to EPIC quality Gear.

Level 1-50+

NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How To Acquire
Main HandImmortal Repulsion WandMax ManaMana RegenMagic Heavy Hit Attack ChanceCrafted – Lithograph drops from Chief Sandworm
Off-HandGolem Overwatcher’s Horn BowMax ManaMana RegenRanged Heavy Attack ChanceCrafted – Lithograph drops from FLame Swashbuckler and Skeleton Archers

End Game (BIS)

NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How To Acquire
Main HandTevent’s Cuneiform BoneCooldown SpeedMana RegenMagic Heavy Hit Attack ChanceTevent (World Boss)
Off-HandToublek’s Strafing BowMana Cost EfficiencyMana RegenRanged Heavy Attack ChanceTyrant’s Isle – Dungeon


IMPORTANT – You will want to level up RARE gear to 9+ before transferring progress to EPIC quality Gear.

Level 1-50+

NameTrait 1 Trait 2 Trait 3How To Acquire
HelmInfurated Sage’s HoodMax HealthMelee EvasionHealth RegenDark Shaman
CloakSavage’s CloakMax ManaMana RegenDebuff DurationButcher’s Canyon
ChestMysterious Sage’s Orater RaimentBuff DurationMelee EvasionHealth RegenDeath’s Abyss – Dungeon
GlovesIcy Storm Cloth GlovesMax ManaMana RegenMelee EvasionCrafted – Lithograph drops from Cave of Desperation/Destruction – Dungeon
Mysterious Sage’s Pants
Max ManaMana RegenMagic EvasionDrops from Avolos Pyromancer
BootsMysterious Sage’s Magic ShoesMana RegenMelee EvasionMovement SpeedDrops from Worker Ant and Charging Ant

End Game (BIS)

NameTrait 1 Trait 2 Trait 3How To Acquire
HelmTranscendental ClairvoyanceMax ManaMana RegenMelee EvasionDeath’s Abyss – Dungeon
CloakArchpriest’s DevotionMax ManaMana RegenDebuff DurationCave of Destruction – Dungeon
ChestTranscendental Saint RaimentMax HealthMelee EvasionMagic EvasionBlack Boar and Mitran – Purelight Hill Zone
GlovesTranscendental Mystery GlovesMax ManaMelee EvasionMagic EvasionTryant’s Isle – Dungeon
PantsWind Soul Mist PantsMax ManaMana RegenMagic EvasionAhzreil (Raid Boss)
BootsTranscendental Wing ShoesMax ManaMana RegenMelee EvasionAdentus (Raid Boss)


IMPORTANT – You will want to level up RARE gear to 9+ before transferring progress to EPIC quality Gear.

Level 1-50+

NameTrait 1 Trait 2 Trait 3How To Acquire
NecklaceScales of Time NecklaceMax ManaMana RegenBuff DurationCrafted – Lithograph drops from Death’s Abyss – Dungeon
BraceletSpace-Time Meditation BraceletMax ManaMana RegenDebuff DurationCrafted – Lithograph drops from Temple of Slaughter – Dungeon
RingChieftain RingMax ManaMana RegenBuff DurationCrafted – Lithograph drops from Cave of Destruction – Dungeon
RingChief Priest’s RingMax ManaMana RegenBuff DurationDrops from Living Armor Archer
BeltElite Shaman’s BeltMax ManaMana RegenSkill Damage ResistanceDrops from Orc Shaman and Fire Orc Shaman

End Game (BIS)

NameTrait 1 Trait 2 Trait 3How To Acquire
NecklaceGreat Sage NecklaceMax ManaMana RegenBuff DurationCrafted – Lithograph drops from Talus (Raid Boss)
BraceletWorshiper’s Magic BracersMax ManaMana RegenDebuff DurationMinezerok (Raid Boss)
RingAbyssal Crystal RingMax ManaMana RegenBuff DurationDeath’s Abyss – Dungeon
RingTranscendent Magic RingMax ManaMana RegenBuff DurationCrafted – Lithograph drops from Morokai (Raid Boss)
BeltRex Chimaerus’s Demonic Beast HIdeMax ManaMana RegenSkill Damage ResistanceTemple of Slaughter – Dungeon

Tier 2 Gearing

Tier 2 Epic gear is a step up from the Tier 1 Epics you’ll find early on in Throne and Liberty. After obtaining your Tier 1 BIS gear, you’ll need to work towards your Tier 2 gear grind. Most Tier 2 gear comes as a reward from the new Tier 2 Dungeons, along with a Tier 2 specific upgrade material – Precious Growth Schema’s. There is a lot of powerful Tier 2 gear options, with powerful 2-set or 4-set bonuses. In terms of weapons, there is also game-changing options available to most weapon types. Below is our recommended Tier 2 pieces to target farm for the Bow and Wand:


NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
Main HandMoonlight BowstringHeavy Attack Chance HitCritical HitTier 2 Dungeons or Crafted via Soul Shards
Off-HandOverture of Soul SalvationHeavy Attack ChanceHitCritical HItTier 2 Dungeons or Crafted via Soul Shards

Moonlight Bowstring is a fantastic Tier 2 bow to farm. The Moonlight Bowstring has incredible stats, providing 18 total attribute points and increased range! Additionally, the passive increases both you and your party’s attack speed within your Nature’s Blessing range. Overture of Soul Salvation is the perfect supplementary Tier 2 Wand for this build. This Tier 2 Wand’s passive adds a Heal-over-Time to Clay’s Salvation – the burst AoE party heal. As a result, it is a no brainer to include more healing diversity in your build as a support.


NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
Tier 2 Piece (Helmet)World Tree’s Mysterious Wreath Cooldown SpeedMagic EvasionMelee EvasionTier 2 Dungeons or Crafted via Soul Shards
Tier 2 Piece (Boots)World Tree’s Winged BootsMove SpeedMagic EvasionMelee EvasionTier 2 Dungeons or Crafted via Soul Shards

World Tree’s 2-set bonus provides a boon to your mana pool and Wisdom which is always nice. However, the main allure of at least the Helmet is the additional Heavy Attack Chance. Although, depending on how you can set-up your Reaper 2-set bonus across your gear, it can also be worth running the World Tree’s Mysterious Wreath along with the Abyss Slayer’s Rake Gloves. Both of these pieces do not synergize in terms of 2-set bonus, however, the mix of increased Heavy Attack Chance, Range and Stats in general is well worth it.

How to Play the Wand Longbow Healer Build

This support build is pretty straightforward to navigate. You will be supporting your group with both healing and utility such as increased mana regen and CC.


Swift Healing is your primary Single-Target heals while Nature’s Blessing and Clay’s Salvation are AOE Heals. Try to use Swift healing on your tank or primary target while using Clay’s Salvation to heal spike damage to the group.

You can use Nature’s Blessing for even more AOE healing, or just use it on cooldown to keep the group topped of in both health AND mana. Nature’s Blessing can be crucial to keep your group from running out of mana in long fights in PVP or boss fights in PVE.

For emergencies where you need extra healing, be sure to utilize your Guardian – Lady Knight Kamarshea. This allows you to not only double your healing output but also restore your and your group’s mana to full with Nature’s Blessing.


Outside of healing, the Wand Longbow Healer Build also provides a significant amount of utility to the group including increased mana regen, Enemy Debuffs, and CC. Nature’s Blessing helps your group continue high damage output with increased mana regen!

Karmic Haze, Deadly Marker, and Time for Punishment help debuff an enemy, increasing your group’s damage output. Make sure to keep these active on your current group’s target to maximize DPS.


That Concludes our Wand Longbow Healer Build! For more Throne and Liberty content, be sure to check out our Throne and Liberty Home Page