Daggers aim to hit fast and hit hard. Dual-wielded, players can hide and emerge from the shadows, dealing burst damage in a flash. This weapon heavily focuses on dealing single-target damage in the form of burst and DoTs such as Enfeeble: Poison. Learn everything you need to know about Throne and Liberty’s Assassin Weapons in our Throne and Liberty Daggers Guide!

Daggers Active Skills

Active Skills in Throne and Liberty go on your Skill Bar and can be cast to affect both enemies and teammates. Currently, there is a total of 12 Skill Slots on your Skill Bar. To create your build, you must choose between both weapon’s Active Skills to fill out your 12 slots!

The Dagger’s Active Skills are focused on dealing fast single-target damage through DoTs, burst sigils and high-mobility interaction. A very stylish weapon as a result! Below is a list of all the Active Skills for the Daggers.

Active SkillIconDescription
Ambush StanceDefends against attacks. Additionally consumes Stamina in proportional to defended damage. When defending against Fury Attack, Cooldown of Predatory Strike resets, becomes Hidden for 4 sec, unable to be targeted. The first attack you deliver while Hidden land a Critical Hit and changes Assassin’s Stance to Poison Dagger. Hiding is canceled when you attack or morph.

Poison Dagger | Deals damage equal to Base Damage to up to 5 enemies in front of you and inflicts Enfeeble: Poison.
Predatory StrikeDeals damage equal to 270% of Base Damage + 10. If the target is under the influence of your Curse, Burning, or Poison DoT, increases damage by 36%.
Shadow StrikeFury Attack | Moving behind a target, deals damage equal to 200% of Base Damage.
Inject VenomAdds the Enfeeble: Poison effect to all attacks for 6 sec. The poison lasts 6 sec and deals damage equal to 2.3% of Base Damage + 1 per stack each second while stopping Health Regen. Can be stacked up to 10 times.
Brutal Incision