Crafting in No Rest for the Wicked takes a few different forms. You can craft a ton of items that are pivotal to your gameplay. However, there are certain things you have to do first before you can begin to craft in the game. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Crafting in No Rest for the Wicked.

crafting no rest for the wicked

How to Craft

Before you can craft any items in No Rest for the Wicked you must first obtain the recipe for that particular item. Recipes can be purchased from vendors in Sacrament, looted from chests, or looted from monsters.

After you have acquired the recipe you’ll then need to make your way to the crafting station to craft the item. However, not all crafting stations are unlocked as soon as you make it to sacrament. For example, you will need to unlock the anvil by upgrading the blacksmith in Sacrament. This can be done by speaking the Danos and giving him the required materials needed to upgrade a particular vendor’s stall.

Alternatively you can purchase a home, and then purchase the crafting stations themselves directly from Danos. Then, you can place those stations down in your home and craft your items from there.

Types of Crafting

There are several different types of crafting in No Rest for the Wicked. The following table outlines each type of crafting and the crafting station you will need to utilize. The vendor listed is the vendor stall you would need to upgrade via a building project to access the station. As mentioned before each of the stations listed can be purchased from Danos for a fee.

StationPurposeVendor Stall
AnvilUsed to Craft Weapons and ArmorFillmore – Blacksmith
Alchemy TableUsed to Craft Potions & ElixirsEleanor – Enchantress
Sewing TableUsed to Craft Cloth & Leather ArmorMirabelle & Meriweather – Tailor
WorkbenchUsed to Craft Furniture & StructuresWhittacker – Woodcrafter
StoveUsed to Cook FoodGordon – Cook
FurnaceUsed to Melt Ore into IngotsFillmore – Blacksmith
SawmillUsed to Turn Wood into PlanksWhittacker – Woodcrafter
Spinning WheelUsed to Turn Threads into GarmentsMirabelle & Meriweather – Tailor
Tanning RackUsed to Turn Hides into LeatherMirabelle & Meriweather – Tailor
crafting no rest for the wicked

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