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Learn everything you need to know about Throne and Liberty’s most potent DPS build in our Crossbow Dagger DPS Build.

Skills and Passives

Below are the Active, Passive, and Defensive Skills for the Crossbow Dagger DBS Build. This info is available for both PVP AND PVE. For insight on which order to level these Skills up, Check our Skill Upgrade Progression Section below.

Active Skills

Predatory StrikeMortal Mark
Shadow StrikeQuick Fire
Brutal IncisionThorn Gale
Knife Throwing Fatal Stigma
Camouflage Nimble Leap
Inject VenomMerciless Barrage **

** PVP Active Skill changes

Switch Merciless Barrage (PVE) for Selfless Diffusion (PVP)


Vicious FangsWrathful Edge
Ambidexterity **Shadow Walker
OpportunistNatures Power
Piercing Stike **Assassin’s Instincts

** PVP Passive changes

Switch Ambidexterity (PVE) for Assassination Stance (PVP)
Switch Piercing Stike (PVE) or Shadow Walker (PVP)

Defensive Skill

For the Defensive Skill slot, we will be using Ambush Stance. Ambush stance grants you Invisibility and a significant increase to Mana Regen, and movement speed after defending against Furry attacks.

Skill Upgrade Progression

Next, Let’s look at the order to prioritize upgrading your skills. We’ve prioritized the most important skills to help guide you through skill progression to help get you started. It’s important to note that you will upgrade all skills to max eventually and that some Skills start at Rare or Epic Quality


  • Quick Fire (Uncommon to Epic)
  • Mortal Mark (Uncommon to Epic)
  • Inject Venom (Uncommon to Epic)
  • Knife Throw (Rare to Epic)
  • Nimble Leap (Uncommon to Epic)
  • Predatory Strike (Rare to Epic)
  • Brutal Incision (Rare to Epic)
  • Shadow Strike (Uncommon to Epic)
  • Selfless Diffusion (PVP) (Rare to Epic)


  • Assassin’s Instincts (Uncommon to Epic)
  • Opportunist (Rare to Epic)
  • Nature’s Power (Rare to Epic)
  • Ambidexterity (Rare to Epic)
  • Shadow Walker (Rare to Epic) (PVP)

Attributes, Weapon Mastery, and Guardians


For This build, we will use a Dexterity/perception split to increase Damage, Crit Chance, and chance to HIT.

NOTE: This Information does not include gear Bonuses

  • STRENGTH – 10
  • DEXTERITY – 35
  • WISDOM – 10

Weapon Mastery

You can level up your Weapon Mastery by simply using the weapon during gameplay. The Weapon Mastery Trees for each weapon are as follows.

NOTE – Your first Weapon Mastery Point will be used to select the first node in each weapon.


  • Move – 3 Points
  • Chain Fire – 9 points


  • Poison – 3 Points
  • Assassination – 9 Points

Guardian – Shade Revenant Stheno

Shade Revenant Sheno grants passive Damage while active, making it the ideal DPS Guardian. Make sure to Time Your Guardian Cooldown with Thorn Gale, Mortal Mark, and Inject Venom for Maximum Damage


NOTE – Most Elite Resistance gear ALSO has a chance to drop from Precious Blessing Pouches that can be purchased daily from your Contract Vendor and the completion of some level 50 Contracts.


IMPORTANT – You will want to level up RARE gear to 9+ before transferring progress to EPIC quality Gear.

Level 1-50+

NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
Main HandElite Resistance CrossbowRanged Heavy Attack ChanceRanged Crit HitRanged HitCrafted: Lithograph – Drops from Sandworm, Temitran Chief, or Precious Blessing Pouch
Off-HandBrutal Slaughter DaggerAttack SpeedMelee Critical HitMelee Heavy Attack ChanceDungeons – Roaring Temple, Cave of Desperation, and Cursed Wasteland

End Game (BIS)

Name Trait 1 Trait 2Trait 3 How to Acquire
Main HandRex Chimaerus’s Rake Bow **Ranged Heavy Attack Chance Ranged Critical HItRanged HItPaola’s Dimension Chest (Drops in all 50+ Dungeon or can be purchased with Dimensional Crystals
Off-HandLequirus’s Thorny EdgeMelee Heavy Attack ChanceMelee HitMelee Critical Hit Paola’s Dimension Chest (Drops in all 50+ Dungeon or can be purchased with Dimensional Crystals

** NOTE – Queen Bellandir’s Annihilation and Storm Spiked Crossbows are technically an upgrade to the Storm Spiked Crossbow but is difficult to acquire and Trait.


IMPORTANT – You will want to level up RARE gear to 9+ before transferring progress to EPIC quality Gear.

Level 1-50+

NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
HelmCorrupt Witch’s HatCooldown SpeedMelee EvasionMagic EvasionDrops from Giant Acid Ant and Honeypot Ant
CloakElite Sharpshooter’s CloakMax ManaMana Regen Skill Damage ResitanceCrafted – Drops from Corrupt Spectral Wizard OR Precious Blessing Bag
ChestDeadly Fighter’s Plate ArmorMax ManaMana RegenRanged EvasionCrafted – Drops from Dungeon: Tyrant’s Isle
GlovesIcy Storm Cloth GlovesMax ManaMana RegenMagic EvasionCrafted – Lithograph drops from Cave of Desperation/Destruction
PantsBloody Fog Leather PantsDebuff DurationRanged EvasionMagic EvasionCrafted – Lithograph drops from Dungeon: Cursed Wasteland
BootsMysterious Sage’s Magic ShoesMana RegenRanged EvasionMagic EvasionDrops from Shade Assassin

End Game (BIS)

NameTrait 1 Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
HelmGhost Wolf Alter Ego MaskCooldown SpeedMana RegenRanged EvasionRaid Boss: Chernobog
CloakLethal Venom Scorpion CloakMax ManaMana RegenDebuff DurationRaid Boss: Nirma
ChestGhost Wolf Alter Ego ArmorMax Mana Mana RegenRanged EvasionRaid Boss: Morokai
GlovesReaper Hand of DeathAttack SpeedRanged EvasionMagic EvasionDrops from Dark Assassin
PantsGhost Wolf Alter Ego MaskDebuff DurationMagic EvasionRanged EvasionRaid Boss: Nirma
BootsHellguide’s BootsMana RegenRanged EvasionMovement SpeedCrafted – Lithograph Drops from Reptillian Sentry

Ghost Wolf Set Bonus: Bonus Damage (2 items) and Off-Hand Weapon Attack Chance Boost 30% (4 items)


IMPORTANT – You will want to level up RARE gear to 9+ before transferring progress to EPIC quality Gear.

Level 1-50+

NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
NecklaceScales of Time NecklaceMax ManaMana RegenSkill Damage BoostCrafted: Lithograph from Dungeon – Deaths Abyss
BraceletProphet’s BraceletMax ManaMana RegenSkill Damage ResistanceCrafted: Lithograph from Dungeon: Butcher’s Canyon
RingLethal FortuneSkill Damage BoostEnfeeble ChanceBuff DurationCrafted: Lithograph from Dungeon: Temple of Slaughter
RingChief Priest’s RIngMax ManaMana RegenEnfeeble ChanceDrops from Living Armor Archer
BeltElite Shaman’s BeltMax ManaMana RegenSkill Damage ResistanceCrafted: Drops from Orc and Enchanted Fire Orc Shaman

End Game (BIS)

NameTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3How to Acquire
NecklaceDestroyer’s ChokerSkill Damage boostBuff DurationHealth RegenRaid Boss: Ahzreil
BraceletBeast King’s Glided BracersSkill Damage ResistanceDebuff DurationHealth RegenDungeon: Cave of Destruction
RIngEternal Ring of DimensionSkill Damage BoostBuff DurationHealth RegenCraft with Dimensional Crystal
RingLethal Frost RingSkill Damage BoostMax ManaMana RegenDungeon: Cursed Wasteland
BeltSkulls Spectral BeltMax ManaMana RegenSkill Damage Resistance Crafted: Lithograph from Raid Boss: Malakar

How to Play the Crossbow Dagger DPS Build

Finally, let’s look at how to operate the build! Below, we will break down how to use the Crossbow Dagger Build in both PVE and PVP.


For PVE, there is a main rotation and a Secondary rotation for your DPS Skills. The Main Damage Rotation combines Thron Gale and Merciless Barrage for an INSANE amount of damage that can immediately apply max Poison Stacks to activate even more damage with Fatal Stigma and Predatory Strike.

Since your two main abilities have 1-minute base cooldowns (Merciless Barrage and Thorn Gale) you will be spending more time using your off-rotation. Let’s look at each rotation in detail.


Order of Skill cast goes left to right

As stated above, this Rotation opens with a huge amount of damage and application of Weaken: Poison Stacks. This Activates our Vicious Fangs and Oppurtunist, granting us decreased cooldowns and increased Crit chance on all our attacks. Move in with Shadow Strike and apply Fatal Stigma. You should be able to now cast Inject venom now and start a completely new stack of Weaken:Poison on your market. use Quick Fire again, followed by your dagger Skills and another Quick Fire. This should create a Max amount of damage from Fatal Stigma and allow you to move into your “Off” Rotation.

NOTE – Once Thorn Gale and Merciless Barriage come off cooldown, you will look to start your MAIN ROTATION again.


Your Secondary rotation is mostly just a priority of casting spells to maintain DPS while waiting for your MAIN ROTATION cooldowns to pop. The Rotation should look similar to the order below:


As a reminder, these are the following changes to the build when moving to PVP.


Switch Merciless Barrage (PVE) for Selfless Diffusion (PVP)


Switch Ambidexterity (PVE) for Assassination Stance (PVP)
Switch Piercing Stike (PVE) or Shadow Walker (PVP)

In PVP, the Crossbow Dagger Build looks to Deal Large bursts of Single-Target damage and then dis-engage until your cooldowns are available. By Adding Merciless Barrage to the mix, you have access to extra mobility, allowing you to benefit from Shadow Walker Passive, significantly increasing your evasion to help assure you can get out of trouble once you used your burst combination.

Finally, you have access to one of the best defensive cooldowns in the game with Camouflage. Using Camoflage at the right time will allow you to avoid damage/CC and keeps you alive to deal more damage. The addition Assassination Stance will help you keep Camoflage available to use by utilizing the builds high amounts of Evasion.

For damage, a few things change for the rotation since we drop Merciless Barrage for PVP. Other than Thorn Gale, your rotation will mostly look the same when opening on targets in PVP.

Below is the Primary Burst rotation in PVP


That Concludes our Sword & Shield Dagger Tank Build! For more Throne and Liberty content, be sure to check out our Throne and Liberty Home Page