Bard is a non-healing support class in Ashes of Creation that provides buffs to make their allies stronger in many ways. Learn everything we know so far about the Song-Slinging Arcane Support Class in our Ashes of Creation Bard Guide

General Information

The Bard Class is centered around a non-healing support class centered around Proximity-based buffs you can provide to your allies to help in battle. Here are the things we know about the bard class in Ashes of Creation so far

  • The Bard class will fill a Hybrid roll of a Support Tank or Support DPS depending on subclass choice.
  • Their abilities will involve Dances, Songs, and Stories
  • Their abilities will be proximity-based
  • They will have abilities that will Support Tanking, Evasion, DPS, and even Healing abilities
  • Bards will have utility in and out of combat
  • They will have weapon slots for both martial weapons and instruments.
  • The Bard class will be available at the start of Alpha 2.
  • Bards will be a “Jack of all Trades” and will not be ONLY support-oriented.


Bards will be able to equip both martial weapons and Instruments such as flutes, bagpipes, drums, and fiddles. Below is an example of what bard instruments might look like in Ashes of Creation.

Bard Classes

First, let’s look at the Subclasses of Bard. In Ashes of Creation, once you choose your main class, you will get to choose a secondary class that will augment your skills and abilities to create a whole new subclass. Below are the names of the Subclasses for Bards and what class you’ll choose to become them.

PrimarySecondary Class
BardClericSoul Weaver
BardRangerSong Warden



Ashes of Creation Bard Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Bard Guide! Check out our Ashes of Creation Home Page for more Ashes of Creation content.