V Rising Features a Day Night Cycle that can cause many deaths early on. During the day if you sit in sunny areas for too long you will begin to take massive damage. In this guide we go over how you can increase sun resistance in V Rising. This will increase the time you can endure the sun by a certain percentage. The higher the percentage, the more time you can endure the sun.

Sun Exposure in V Rising

Your Current Sun Resistance

You can view you current sun resistance in the character screen by pressing the default key of “Tab.” You will be able to see all of your resistances and their current values, including your resistance to sun.

sun resistance in v rising

As you increase you resistance to the sun you will also increase the time that you can stay in the sun without taking damage. At sun resistance 0, you’ll take sun damage very quickly. With a sun resistance of 15 you will be able to stay in the sun 22.5% longer before you begin to take any damage.

How to Increase Sun Resistance in V Rising

There are several ways you can increase you resistance to the sun. These include consumables, equipment, and certain vampire powers. Below is a list of all the methods you can utilize to increase sun resistance.


sun resistance brew v risingMinor Sun Resistance BrewA potion that increases Sun Resistance rating by 25 for 20 minutesAlchemy Table

Vampire Powers

Bear Form V RisingBear FormIncreases resistances by 25, Movement speed + 15%, Damage Reduction + 25%, Regenerate Health quickerDefeat Ferocious Bear (Level 36)


Traveler's Wrap V RisingTraveler’s Wrap+12 Max Health; + 15 Sun Resistance Keely the Frost Archer Simple Workbench
Hunters Cloak V RisingHunter’s Cloak+18 Health; +15 Sun Resistance; +15 Garlic Resistance; +15 Silver ResistanceBeatrice the Tailor Tailoring Bench
Phantom’s Veil+24 Max Health; +15 Sun Resistance; +15 Garlic Resistance; +15 Silver Resistance; +15 Fire Resistance; +15 Holy ResistanceMagnus the OverseerTailoring Bench
Blood Key+27.9 Spell Power; -25% Blood Drain Rate; +75 Sun ResistanceLord Styx the Night ChampionJewelcrafting Table

Blood Buff

You can obtain the blood buff Creature II an increase you sun resistance rating from 10-25. This is done by sucking the blood of a creature with a blood quality level of 30% or higher.

Additional Information

You can also obtain items from drops that have sun resistance on them. These items are much like the items you can craft above, but dropped from chests or monsters. For example, the Thousand-Stitch Cloak has the same perks as the Hunter’s Cloak. However, the Thousand stitch cloak is obtained from a drop and the Hunter’s Cloak is obtained via crafting.

sun resistance cloaks v rising

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