Complete V Rising Boss List, Rewards, and Locations

by | Last updated Feb 1, 2024

V Rising has several bosses within each region that players can track and defeat in order to progress in the game. In this guide we’ll show you a complete V Rising Boss list, rewards, and locations.

Every boss will reward players with different rewards. The rewards include additional powers, items, and recipes.

Players must construct a Blood Altar in order to track the bosses. Reaching a certain level threshold will unlock the ability to track additional bosses. There is no particular order that you have to defeat the bosses in, however, the rewards you receive will aid in your progression so you may be bottlenecked without killing a certain boss.

V Rising Blood Altar

You may happen upon a boss encounter randomly in the world as well. If this happens and you defeat the boss you will still receive the rewards. Be aware that each boss has a recommended level requirement for defeating it. If you encounter a boss that is much higher level you may need to increase your Gear Score before attempting to defeat that boss.

Below is a complete V Rising boss list, rewards, and Locations

Farbane Woods V Rising Boss List and Rewards

V Rising BossLevelPowersStructuresRecipesNotes
Alpha Wolf16Wolf FormN/AN/AMay Spawn at Wolf Den
Errol the Stonebreaker20AftershockBig StashN/A
Rufus the Foreman20Blood RageWoodworking BenchHunter’s Crossbow; Fishing Pole; Sculptured Wood; Painting Frame
Keely the Frost Archer20Frost BatTanneryN/A
Lidia the Chaos Archer20Chaos VolleyThe DevourerN/ACan spawn along the paths in Farbane Woods
Grayson the Armourer27Crimson AegisFive-Finger Workboards; Long Boards; Assortment of StatuesWhetstone
Goreswine the Ravager27Corpse Explosion; Veil of BonesTomb; ‘Nocturne’ FencesSkeleton; Ghoul
Putrid Rat30Rat FormN/AN/AYou can summon at your base with the Vermin Nest
Clive the Firestarter30Veil of ChaosAlchemy Table; Assortment of Enchanted Braziers; Assortment of Enchanted TorchesSulphur; Minor Explosive Box
Polora the Feywalker34Spectral Wolf; Veil of IllusionVampire Waygate; Golden FloorsMinor Garlic Resistance Brew
Ferocious Bear36Bear FormFur RugsN/A
Nicholaus the Fallen37Pestilence; Ward of the DamnedStudyN/A
Quincy the Bandit King37Chaos Barrier; Merciless ChargeSmithy; Tailoring BenchIron Ingot; Iron Weapons; Hollowfang Battlegear
Tristan the Vampire Hunter46Blood HungerGreater Blood EssenceN/A

Farbane Woods Boss Locations

Farbane Woods Boss Locations

Dunley Farmlands Boss List and Rewards

V Rising BossLevelPowersStructuresRecipesNotes
Beatrice the Tailor38Human FormLoom; Assortment of CurtainsHunter’s Cloak; Cloth; Cotton Yarn
Vincent the Frostbringer40Frost Barrier; Veil of FrostPrison CellReinforced PlankRoams the paths in Dunley Farmlands
Christina the Sun Priestess44PurgatoryN/AGlass; Empty Glass Bottle; Holy Resistance Potion; Blood Rose PotionRoams the paths in Dunley Farmlands
Leandra the Shadow Priestess46Spectral AssassinJewlcrafting TableScourge Pendant; Scourgestone; Skeleton Priest
Terah the Geomancer48Spectral GuardianGem Cutting TableSiege Golem Stone; Regular Gems
Meredith the Bright Archer52Sanguine CoilWool ThreadN/A
Octavian the Militia Captain58Mirror StrikeAnvilDark Silver Ingot; Dawnthorn Regalia; Dark Silver Weapons
Raziel the Shepherd60Crimson BeamAthenaeumSilver Resistance Potion; Corrupted Artefact
Jade the Vampire Hunter62Chaos BarrageMajor Explosive Box; Primal Blood EssenceN/ARoams the paths in Dunley Farmlands
Willfred the Werewolf Chief64Heart StrikeN/AHoly Resistance Flask

Dunley Farmlands Boss Locations

Dunley Farmlands Boss Locations

Cursed Forest Boss List and Rewards

V Rising BossLevelPowersStructuresRecipesNotes
Ungora the Spider Queen60Volatile ArachnidN/AGhost Yarn; Silk; Spiderling
The Duke of Balaton62Toad FormN/AN/A
Foulrot the Soultaker62Mist TranceN/APhantom’s Veil; Spectral Dust; Banshee
Matka the Curse Weaver72Unstable MosquitoN/AN/A
Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer76Bat FormN/AN/ARoams the paths in the Cursed Forest
Gorecrusher the Behemoth76Wisp DanceN/AN/A

Cursed Forest Boss Locations

Curse Forest Boss Map V Rising

Silverlight Hills Boss List and Rewards

V Rising BossLevelPowersStructuresRecipes
Mairwyn the Elementalist64Crystal LanceN/AImperial Thread
Azariel the Sunbringer68Power SurgeN/AGold Ingot
Morian the Stormwing Matriarch68VoidN/AN/A
Solarus the Immaculate80Summon Fallen AngelSoul Shard of Solarus Blood Key

Silverlight Hills Boss Locations

Silverlight Hills Boss Map

Hallowed Mountains Boss List and Rewards

V Rising BossLevelPowersStructuresRecipesNotes
Frostmaw the Mountain Terror56Ice NovaN/AScrollRoams the paths in the Hallowed Mountains
Terrorclaw the Ogre68Arctic LeapN/AN/A

Hallowed Mountains Boss Locations

Hallowed Mountains Boss Map