V Rising has several bosses within each region that players can track and defeat in order to progress in the game. In this guide we’ll show you a complete V Rising Boss list, rewards, and locations.

Every boss will reward players with different rewards. The rewards include additional powers, items, and recipes.

You can utilize the default key of “J” to track the bosses. There is no particular order that you have to defeat the bosses in, however, the rewards you receive will aid in your progression so you may be bottlenecked without killing a certain boss.

You may happen upon a boss encounter randomly in the world as well. If this happens and you defeat the boss you will still receive the rewards. Be aware that each boss has a recommended level requirement for defeating it. If you encounter a boss that is much higher level you may need to increase your Gear Score before attempting to defeat that boss.

Please Note: On Brutal all bosses are 3 levels higher than what’s listed below. Locations and rewards are the same on brutal. Below is a complete V Rising boss list, rewards, and Locations:

Farbane Woods V Rising Boss List and Rewards

V Rising BossLevelPowersStructuresRecipes
Alpha Wolf16Wolf FormN/AN/A
Errol the Stonebreaker20Tier 1 Chaos Spell Point– Material & Gem Storage
– Copper Torch & Brazier
Keely the Frost Archer20Tier 1 Frost Spell PointTannery– Traveler’s Wrap
– Empty Waterskin
– Leather
Rufus the Foreman20Tier 1 Blood Spell Point– Woodworking Bench
– Simple Furniture
– Crossbow
Grayson the Armourer27Tier 1 Illusion Spell Point– Workshop Flooring
– Assortment of Storage Shelves
– Target Dummies
Goreswine the Ravager27Tier 1 Unholy Spell Point– Tomb
– Graveyard Decor
– Gravedigger Ring
– Grave Dust
– Raise Skeletons & Ghouls
Nibbles the Putrid Rat30Rat FormN/AN/A
Lidia the Chaos Archer30Tier 1 Chaos Spell Point– The Devourer
– Leatherworking Station
– Leather Bag
– Longbow
Clive the Firestarter30Tier 1 Chaos Spell PointAlchemy TableMinor Explosive Box
Finn the Fisherman32Tier 1 Frost Spell PointN/AFishing Pole
Nicholaus the Fallen35Tier 3 Unholy Spell Point– Paper Press
– Assortment of Simple Candle Stands
– Frayed Rungs, Banners, & Curtains

Polora the Feywalker35Tier 1 Illusion Spell Point– Garden Foundations
– Garden Hedges
– Large Growing Plots
– Minor Garlic Resistance Brew
Ferocious Bear35Bear Form– Fur Rugs
– Hunting Trophy
Quincy the Bandit King37Tier 3 Chaos Spell Point– Smithy
-Tailoring Bench
– Ebonite Stairs & Doors
– Iron Ingot
– Hollowfang Battle Gear
Tristan the Vampire Hunter44Tier 3 Blood Spell Point
– Blood Hunger
N/A– Greater Blood Essence
– Greatsword
Talzur the Winged Horror86N/A– Pedestal of the Winged Horror– Soul Shard of the Winged Horror
– Dracula’s Gloves

Farbane Woods Boss Locations

Farbane Woods boss locations v rising

** Nibbles the Putrid Rat is summoned using the Vermon Nest.

Dunley Farmlands Boss List and Rewards

V Rising BossLevelPowersStructuresRecipes
Beatrice the Tailor40N/A– Loom
– Assortment of Curtains
– Cloth
– Cotton Yarn
– Hunter’s Cloak
Vincent the Frostbringer44Tier 2 Frost Spell Point– Prison Cell
– Prison Framework
Reinforced Plank
Christina the Sun Priestess44Tier 2 Illusion Spell PointN/A– Candles
– Wool Thread
– Silver Thread Bag
Kriig the Undead General44Tier 2 Unholy Spell PointNocturne Doorbell– Reaper
– Skeleton Priest
Maja the Dark Savant47Tier 1 Illusion Spell Point– Study
– Verdant Garden Fencing
– Wall Hanging Shelves
– Scroll
– Midnight Ball Gown
Leandra the Shadow Priestess47Tier 1 Unholy Spell PointArtisan Table– Scourgestone Pendant
– Scourgestone
– Dusk Caller
Bane the Shadowblade50Tier 1 Unholy Spell Point
– Human Form
Grethel the Glassblower50Tier 1 Storm Spell PointWall Hanging MirrorsBlood Rose Potion
Meredith the Bright Archer50Tier 1 Storm Spell Point– Holy Resistance Potion
Terah the Geomancer53Tier 3 Illusion Spell PointGem Cutting Table– Regular Gems
– Siege Golem Stone
– Obsidian
Jade the Vampire Hunter57Tier 2 Chaos Spell PointAdvanced Blood Press– Primal Blood Essence
– Pistols
Raziel the Shepherd57Tier 2 Blood Spell Point– Jewelcrafting Table
– Cordial Stairs & Doors
Octavian the Militia Captain58Tier 3 Storm Spell Point– Ancestral Forge
– Wide Castle Entrance
– Equipment Storage
Willfred the Village Elder64Tier 2 Blood Spell PointLongcase Clocks– Silver Resistance Potion
– Pristine Leather Bag
Simon Belmont the Vampire Hunter80N/AN/A– Sanguine Whip
Lord Styx the Night Champion83Bat FormN/A – Onyx Tear
– Blood Key

Dunley Farmlands Boss Locations

Dunley farmlands boss locations v rising

** Simon Belmont roams between Dunley Farms, Silverlight Hills, and sometimes ventures into Farbane Woods.

Cursed Forest Boss List and Rewards

V Rising BossLevelPowersStructuresRecipes
Ungora the Spider Queen63Tier 3 Unholy Spell Point
– Spider Form
N/A– Silk
– Spiderling
Ben the Old Wanderer63Tier 1 Frost Spell PointN/A– Pristine Leather
– Shroud of the Forest
Foulrot the Soultaker63Tier 2 Unholy Spell PointN/A– Spectral Dust
– Banshee
Albert the Duke of Balaton64Toad FormChess TableCoining
Cyril the Cursed Smith65Tier 3 Illusion Spell Point– Anvil
– Advanced Furnace
Dark Silver Ingot
Matka the Curse Weaver74Tier 2 Illusion Spell PointAdvanced Loom– Mosquito
– Ghost Yarn
Gorecrusher the Behemoth83Tier 2 Illusion Spell PointN/A– Bat Leather
– Bat Leather Bag

Cursed Forest Boss Locations

Cursed forest boss locations v rising

Silverlight Hills Boss List and Rewards

V Rising BossLevelPowersStructuresRecipes
Sir Magnus the Overseer66Tier 2 Frost Spell Point– Assortment of Wide Storage ShelvesPhantom’s Veil
Morian the Stormwing Matriarch70Tier 2 Chaos Spell PointN/AFlawless Gems
Baron du Bouchon the Sommelier70Tier 2 Blood Spell Point
– Barrel Disguise
– Rural Gardening Fence– Blood Merlot
– Blood Merlot Amulet
Mairwyn the Elementalist70Tier 2 Storm Spell PointN/A– Greater Jewels
– Holy Resistance Flask
Azariel the Sunbringer77Tier 2 Chaos Spell Point Ostentatious CarpetsGold Ingot
Solarus the Immaculate86N/A– Pedestal of Solarus– Soul Shard of Solarus
– Dracula’s Boots

Silverlight Hills Boss Locations

Silverlight Hills Boss Locations

Hallowed Mountains Boss List and Rewards

V Rising BossLevelPowersStructuresRecipes
Frostmaw the Mountain Terror53Tier 3 Frost Spell PointN/A– Thick Leather
– Mountain Peak Bag
Terrorclaw the Ogre77Tier 3 Frost Spell Point– Advanced TanneryN/A

Hallowed Mountains Boss Locations

Hallowed Mountains Boss Locations

Gloomrot South Boss List and Rewards

V Rising BossLevelPowersStructuresRecipes
Ziva the Engineer60Tier 1 Storm Spell PointFarbricator– Sludge Filled Canister
– Radium Alloy
Domina the Blade Dancer60Tier 2 Storm Spell Point– Castle Teleporter
– Advanced Grinder
Angram the Purifier61Tier 3 Chaos Spell PointN/A– Dawthorn Regalia
– Mutated Rat
– Major Explosives Box
– Irradiant Gruel

Gloomrot South Boss Locations

Gloomrot South Boss Locations

Gloomrot North Boss List and Rewards

V Rising BossLevelPowersStructuresRecipes
Henry Blackbrew the Doctor74Tier 3 Storm Spell Point– Athenaeum
– Luminescent Mushroom Terrarium
Voltatia the Power Master77Tier 2 Storm Spell PointN/A– Power Core
Adam the Firstborn88N/A– Pedestal of the Monster– Soul Shard of the Monster
– Dracula’s Leggings

Gloomrot North Boss Locations

Gloomrot North Boss Locations

Ruins of Mortium

V Rising BossLevelPowersStructuresRecipes
General Elena the Hollow53Tier 2 Frost Spell Point– Altar of Stygian Awakening
– Stately Carpets
General Cassius the Betrayer57Tier 2 Unholy Spell PointStygian Summoning CircleVampiric Brew
General Valencia the Depraved83Tier 3 Blood Spell PointCoat of Arms Plaques– Shadow Weave
– Primal Jewels
Dracula the Immortal King90N/AN/A– Dracula’s Chest Guard
– Soul Shard of Dracula

Ruins of Mortium Boss Location

Ruins of Mortium Boss locations v rising

** General Cassius the Betrayer roams the roads of the Ruins of Mortium.

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