The New World Turkulon event is a seasonal event that occurs in Aeternum every November. During the event, a massive turkey spawns around Aeternum and requires several players to take it down. Once defeated, there is a chance to acquire special loot.

Turkulon Rewards

When killed, Turkulon has a chance to drop the following items. Please note that some of the items you can acquire are limited to a certain amount per day, and others are limited to a certain amount in general. This daily limit resets every day on your server’s cooldown reset time.

ItemDescription # LimitDrop Chance
Massive Turkey LegCooking Ingredient5 per day100%
Turkulon’s Juicy Calves BoxArmor Skin1 total 20%
Feast-o-Plenty Food TrophyHousing Trophy1 total7%
Turkulon Egg SeatHousing Item1 every 7 days9%
Turkuless, Disgruntled FowlHousing Item1 total12%
The Grand Gobbler War Hammer SkinWar Hammer Skin1 total20%

You are guaranteed to receive all of the rewards after killing Turkulon 16 times. For instance, if you have yet to receive the Feast-O-Plenty Food Trophy after 15 kills, then Turkulon will drop it on his next death. Similarly, if you only had the trophy after 15 kills, then the loot from the following Turkulon kill would include the pet, seat, war hammer skin, and boots skin rewards.

The Turkey Leg

The turkey leg is an artifact ingredient. This means that there is a special recipe that you can craft only when you have the item in your backpack. If you have a massive turkey leg in your bag you will be able to see the recipe for the Roasted Monstrous Turkey Dinner. It requires 0 cooking skill to craft this meal, but you must be at a tier 5 cooking station in order to craft it. The ingredients needed to craft the meal includes the following:

IngredientAmount Needed
Massive Turkey Leg (Artifact item)1
Cooking Oil3

When consumed it will increase you constitution and your luck for a specified amount for 40 minutes depending on your character’s level.

Turkulon Spawn Locations

Turkulon can be found in specific locations throughout Everfall, Brightwood, Mourningdale, Restless Shore, Windsward, Monarch’s Bluffs, and Cutlass Keys.. Our map shows all the possible locations.

Boss Mechanics

Turkulon is a huge turkey that takes several players to kill. He has a ton of health, and will walk around the area laying eggs that explode. If you stand near the egg you will take damage upon the explosion. Some of the other notable attacks include the following:

Slam: Every now and then the turkey will sit down on the ground slamming down on any player caught beneath it.

Laser Eyes: He will shoot lasers out of his eyes in a line dealing a lot of damage to anyone standing in their path. The laser eyes will target players that are standing far away.

Ground Peck: He periodically pecks the ground, damaging any players in front of him.

The abilities are not terribly hard to avoid. Basically, you just need several players in the area to deal enough DPS to take down the monster.

Changes to Regular Turkeys

During the Turkey Terror Event, regular turkeys throughout Aeternum also have new drops in their tables. Turkeys now have a chance to drop a special skinning knife called a Turkulon’s Claw. This Skinning knife can be used to skin turkeys to get even more exclusive loot (more on that below). Other additional loot from turkey’s utilizing your normal skinning knife includes the following:

ItemDescription # LimitDrop Chance
Diamond GypusmCrafted in to a gypsum orb at the gypsum kiln6 per day20%
Turkey’s TreasureBag that contains coin3 per day33%
Turkulon’s Claw Skinning KnifeProvides extra loot (Poultry, Poultry Thigh, Poultry Breast) when skinning Turkeys, both during and after the event.1 total20%

Using Turkulon’s Claw

If you equip and utilize Turkulon’s Claw when skinning normal turkey’s during the event you have a chance to receive the following:

ItemDescription # LimitDrop Chance
Infused Turkey CoatingMajor damage boost against Turkulon; Minor damage boost against other beasts; This item will no longer be available after the event.5 per day15%
Infused Turkey Ward PotionMajor damage absorption from Turkulon’s attacks; Minor damage absorption from other beasts; This item will no longer be available after the event.5 per day15%
Turkey Luck PotionIncreases the chance of receiving each Turkulon drop by 5% for 5 minutes; This item will no longer be available after the event.5 per day15%
Diamond GypsumCrafted in to a gypsum orb at the gypsum kiln6 per day20%

Note: Diamond gypsum is capped at a total of 6 per day. You can not get 6 with each skinning knife.