As you level up, Attributes are a key part of how to shape your hero and build. Learn more in our No Rest for the Wicked Stats guide.


Every time you level up in No Rest for the Wicked, you’ll be granted 3 Attributes. These Attributes will determine what weapons and gear you will be able to equip along your adventure. Below is each Attribute we know of:

HealthIncreases your resilience to damage, allowing you to withstand more hits before dying
StaminaIncreases the number of attacks, dodges, or blocks you can perform
StrengthIncreases the strength of your character: Weapons that scale with strength receive an Attribute Bonus
DexterityIncreases the Dexterity of your character: Weapons that scale with Dexterity receive an Attribute Bonus
IntellectIncreases the intellect of your character: Weapons that scale with Intelligence receive an Attribute Bonus
FaithIncreases the faith of your character: Weapons that scale with faith receive an Attribute Bonus
Focus Increase this attribute to acquire additional focus bars. A new focus bar is granted for every 100 focus points. Focus bars are essential for unleashing powerful rune attacks
Equip Loaddetermines encumbrance levels and dodge type (MORE ON THIS BELOW)

Equip Load

One of the most important aspects of No Rest for the Wicked is your character’s Equip Load. Equip Load is determined by the type of armor you equip to your character. This affects how much gear your character can carry. Next, and more importantly, it also changes the way your character behaves in combat. Let’s take a look at what we know about each equipped load.

Fast (Light)Low Resistance/mitigation. Grants a Quick Step. Quick Step has a low Stamina cost.
Normal (Medium)Moderate Resistance/mitigation. Grants a Dodge Roll. Dodge Roll has a moderate stamina cost.
HeavyLow Resistance/mitigation. Grants a Shoulder barrage that can be used offensively. Shoulder barrage has a high stamina cost

Other Stats

Next, along with attributes, other stats are important to character building in No Rest for the Wicked. These are broken down into General and Defensive categories.


HealthThe amount of hit points your character has.
StaminaAllows you to perform combat actions such as quick step, dodge, and Shoulder Barrage
Stamina RegenPasssive Regeneration of Stamina over time
Focus Allows you to cast spells and use weapon abilities.
Focus GainPassive Regeneration of Focus over time


Armorprovides mitigation to damage
Poisedecreases the chance that players’ attacks can be interrupted by damage and prevents Crowd Control effects. Also reduces the chance of being staggered
Heat ResistanceProvides resistance to fire damage
Cold ResistanceProvides resistance to ice damage
Electric ResistanceProvides Electric Resistance
Plague ResistanceProvides Poison Resistance

No Rest for the Wicked Stats Conclusion

That’s all we know about stats in No Rest for the Wicked. We’ll keep this guide updated with any new information, so check back in!