Welcome to our Throne and Liberty Traits guide. In this guide, we’ll run you through everything you need to know in order to use the Traits system in-game. This system can be quite confusing if you’ve never interacted with it before, however, it becomes quite simple once you know how!

What are Traits?

a Trait is an additional bonus stat provided to you on gear that is separate from the specific stats each piece has.

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As you can see above, there is a trait section below the main stats of the item. These traits roll randomly from a pool based on the type of item. As a result, hitting the correct trait for the build you are making can become quite a process. However, there is a few ways you can approach getting the right traits on your gear and leveling current traits.

Leveling a Trait

Leveling traits is a powerful part of progression that should not be skipped over. To level a trait up, press “.” to bring up the enchanting window. Next, click on the “Trait” tab at the top of the menu. You’ll now be at a menu that allows you to click onto the trait you currently have on your selected piece. To be able to level up your item’s trait, you need another item that also has the exact same trait on it. However, the item usually has to be the same rarity or one rarity lower and the same type. Although, using a lower rarity item usually lowers the chance of a successful trait upgrade. If you use the same rarity item, the chance is usually 100%. Select the item you wish to infuse into your current piece, with the same trait and you’ll see the sections of the leveling bar increase!

Extracting a Trait

In Throne and Liberty, you can also extract traits from existing gear. Doing so, however, destroys the item it is attached to, so be careful! To extract a trait, you’ll require 10 Extraction Potions that match the same rarity as the item you’re extracting from. Every potion needed for traits can be found at the Sundries Merchant. To enter the trait extraction menu, click the arrow at the bottom of your inventory page.

Once you are ready, you can then extract the trait. Next, you have two options – either sell your trait on the marketplace for Lucent or add it to an exact duplicate item—for example, a Resistance Crossbow into another Resistance Crossbow.

Adding a New Trait

To unlock a second and third trait on an item, you’ll need to have an EXACT duplicate of that item with the trait you wish to add that is different from the first trait. Similarly to leveling up traits, head to the enchanting window and click on the trait tab. Next, click on the “locked” trait line below and select the duplicate piece you wish to take the trait from. As a result, you’ll now have two traits on one piece!

Converting Traits

Finally, you can also convert traits on gear. This method requires an EXACT duplicate to proceed. To convert, you’ll need 10 Converting Potions of the same rarity as the item you are dealing with. Continue the conversion by clicking on the dual-arrows next to the trait line and selecting the item of the same type you wish to trade traits with. Keep in mind, however, that this will destroy the item you’re taking the trait from.

Throne and Liberty Traits Guide conversion menu

How to find Specific Traits for Items

If you are chasing specific traits for your build and you’re not sure where to look – check out the traits list menu! To enter this menu, click on an item and head to the “Traits List” icon.

From this menu, you can check which traits the item you’ve selected can roll and which items also roll the trait.

Trait Unlocking

A newer feature for Traiting items in Throne and Liberty is Trait Unlocking. To use this mechanic, gathering “Trait Unlockstones” is a must. Trait Unlocking allows players to automatically unlock a brand new trait onto their weapon or armor. The best part of this feature is that you can select the exact trait you want! This means you can target down all the perfect stats for your build over time.

To farm Trait Unlockstones, the main method is to complete Tier 2 dungeons and gather Dimension Soul Shards from their bosses. Then, at the Blacksmith, you can craft bundles of Trait Unlockstones.

Traits in the End Game & Boss Gear

Ultimately, managing your traits and leveling your traits is the true end-game goal once you get the equipment you’re looking for. The amount of extra stats you can gain from maxing out traits is quite incredible – so pay attention! Finally, Boss-level items and equipment are much harder to upgrade and add new traits to as a result of needing duplicate items to do so. Due to this, keep a very keen eye on the boss drops and dungeon drops you do get and the traits they have! You might be able to extract unwanted traits and put them on the market!

For more information on equipment, check out our Armor & Weapons overviews and Stats that’re associated with both.

Throne and Liberty Traits Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Throne and Liberty Traits guide. Please be sure to check out our Throne and Liberty Home page for news, guides and builds!