In Throne and Liberty, much like most games, you’ll have access to a map. Maps help you figure out where you want to go, be that questing, dungeons or finding PVP Conflict Zones. Find out more about the map here in our Throne and Liberty Map guide.


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The Map is a complete overview of the game world in Throne and Liberty. Some of the main features on the Map interface are:

  • Region Lists – areas such as Bases, Castles, Dungeons, Territories and more
  • Region Details – Shows information regarding a region
  • Your Current Location
  • Go to Current Location – when viewing a different region, click this to return to your current position on the map
  • Address and Weather information – Shows the region names and environmental information
  • Legend – Full information of an icon on the map

Territory Information

Territories can be searched on the map for a ton of information. For example, you can check for lists of monsters, their item drops and more! To check for Elites, you can use the Check Location function to click on Elite Monster Info – helping you find the spawn location. If an Elite Monster spawns, it is displayed on the map with an Elite icon.

Event Calendar

A key function on the Map interface is the Event Calendar. This Calendar will show you times but also types of Dynamic Events that’ll take place in the world. The Event Calendar also shows you whether or not an event is Peaceful (meaning PVE only) or taking place in a Conflict Zone (PVP forced on). Use this feature to plan out your adventures every day!

Throne and Liberty Map Guide calendar


The Minimap follows the typical tradition of sitting in the top corner of the screen, showing your immediate surroundings. There is also a Compass nearby that can help you identify the distance and direction based on your current position.

Between the Minimap and the World Map, you will have no issues finding Dungeons, Events, Locations and most importantly – juicy PVP!

Throne and Liberty Map Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Throne and Liberty Map Guide. For more information, check out our Throne and Liberty Home Page!