What is the PvP Reward Track

The PvP reward track in New World is a system of progression for players who enjoy participating in Player versus Player activities. The rewards track encourages players to participate in all forms of PvP that New World has to offer, including, wars, outpost rush, arenas, faction missions, and open world PvP.

You will also earn an azoth salt bonus for every 10,000 character experience you earn while flagged in the open world. This applies even if you’re max level.

You can earn a PvP experience and PvP currency, called azoth salt, from every PvP activity in the game. The experience you earn will increase your progress on the rewards track, and you can exchange your azoth salt for specific rewards.

new world pvp reward track

How the Reward System Works

When you hit certain PvP XP thresholds, set at 2000/5000/10000, a notification will inform you that you’ve unlocked checkpoints 1/2/3 respectively. At each checkpoint, three potential rewards will roll. You can choose one of the three rewards to purchase using your azoth salt.

The PvP reward track contains items including artifacts, armor, trinkets, consumables, coin, dark matter, weapons, emotes, and perk items. All of the items you can purchase are bind on pickup. Once you purchase a reward in each checkpoint, or azoth salt is claimed, you will rank up your reward track. When you rank up the checkpoints will be reset to begin the next rotation.

Rank requirements as as follows:

  • Recruit Ranks 0
  • Steel Ranks 10
  • Bronze Rank 20
  • Silver Rank 50
  • Gold Rank 100
  • Platinum Rank 150
  • Starmetal Rank 200

Each tier’s rewards have a minimum Gear Score for equipment, starting at 650 for Recruit. Players without the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion will still only have maximum 625 GS.


There is a system where, when a weapon is rolled, there is roughly a 50% chance it will be a type that you actively have equipped (in either slot including shields).

The gear from the PvP reward track will roll its perks from custom perk buckets. These buckets have been curated to give more of the desirable perks and stat bonuses. You can view all the PvP specific perks by check out our “Perks and Perk Labels” section. For example, the New World Weapon Perks and Perk Labels guide.

new world pvp reward track

Rewards Based on Character Level

Your rewards from the PvP reward track will be based on where you are with your level progression. The equipment you roll will have gear scores that should be in your level range and useful to you.

The same rule applies to potions. You will receive potions that are at the appropriate tier for you to use. The currency packs will increase based on your level and rank.

The equipment tier rewards by player level are as follows:

  • T2-lvl.0-19
  • T3-lvl.20-39
  • T4-lvl.40-59
  • T5-lvl.60+