Throne and Liberty is a modern MMORPG following the legendary classic, Lineage 2. In Lineage 2, multiple races existed as playable choices for character customization. However, in Throne and Liberty, these races come as powerful Guardians. Learn everything you need to know and more about the Guardians in our Throne and Liberty Guardians Guide.

What is a Guardian?

Guardians in Throne and Liberty act as an “Ultimate” ability of sorts. As a result, they share a very long cooldown of around 10 minutes. However, the power you receive during that time is incredible – there are many options to pick from too!

How to Unlock Guardians

To unlock Guardians for your character, you must complete Chapter 5: Sacred Pledge of Blood – Pledge Loop. After completing this section of the Chapter, Vampire Slayer Ezekiel becomes available for use as your first Guardian! To unlock other Guardians, you’ll need to do certain side quests on the map at different levels.

Throne and Liberty Guardians Guide quest

Available Guardians

Once Guardians are unlocked, you start with 5 options. The following Guardians are available currently in Throne and Liberty:

  • Lady Knight Kamarshea – Creates a Shield for 50% of your maximum mana. While the Shield is up, increases Cooldown Speed by 40%. This Summon will be canceled if the Shield is removed.
  • Green Ranger Elowen – On Summoning, has a 80% chance to Bind all enemies in a 4m radius for 5s. While Summoned, attacking any targets affected by Bind and Move Speed de-buffs will increase Melee, Ranged and Magical Critical Hit by 500.
  • Brutal Warrior Valkarg – Accumulates damage when hit up to 4000% of your Max Base Damage. When you inflict Stun, Bind or Sleep on an enemy, 25% of that accumulated damage is dealt to that enemy.
  • Vampire Slayer Ezekiel – Defense increases by 400. Deals damage over time equal to 0.6% of your Max Health per second to hostile targets within a 2.5m radius. Restores Health by 20% of damage dealt to those targets.
  • Masked Warlock Dantalux – When using Mana, you recover 26% of the used Mana. 53% of your nearest party member’s Mana is also recovered.
  • Shade Revenant Stheno – Launches 5 projectiles at random enemies within a 10m range every second. A single enemy may be hit with multiple projectiles at the same time. Each projectile deals 52% of Base Damage.
  • Pale Nemesis Hartach – When an enemy target is defeated within 3 seconds, you will Hide for 5 seconds. At night, Hide time is increased to 7.5 seconds. Every first attack made while Hiding lands as a Critical Hit.


The unlockable Guardians are found in the following locations:

  • Shade Revenant Stheno, For Whom the Bell Tolls Questline completion – Ruins of Turayne (Level 50)
  • Pale Nemesis Hartach, Farewell Questline completion – Ruins of Turayne (Level 50)
  • Brutal Warrior Valkarg, Desert Plunderers Quest completion (MSQ)
  • Masked Warlock Dantalux, The Voice Behind the Mask Quest completion (MSQ)
  • Green Ranger Elowen, Elemental Tree Harvest: Nesting Ground (Side Quest)
  • Lady Knight Kamarshea, Elemental Tree Harvest: Daybreak Shore (Side Quest)

Throne and Liberty Guardians Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Throne and Liberty Guardians guide. For more information on Throne and Liberty, check out our official Home page!