The Engineering Trade Skill in New World allows players to craft muskets, blunderbuss, bows, bullets, arrows, mining picks, harvesting sickles, logging axes, skinning knives, fishing poles, and a few quality-of-life items. In our New World Engineering Guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about the Engineering Trade Skill.

Engineering in New World

To get started with Engineering you will need to gather resources to craft. Once the resources have been obtained you will be using the Workshop (Arrow/Musket icon on map) to craft anything Engineering. A tier 1 Camp Fire works for Flint Tools, but nothing else for Engineering. Walk up to the Workshop and press your default interact button, “E”, to open the crafting window.

How to Level Engineering in New World

Information in this section contains a recommended method to level your Engineering trade skill. You are in no way restricted to this method. It’s expected that you will diverge from it depending on material availability, refining proc chances, and market price values. Before we get started let’s look at a few things to consider as we level Engineering.

First Craft Bonus

You get a “First Craft” double XP bonus for each unique item you craft. Be sure to utilize this when possible as you level Engineering! Just make sure that the item is around the same price as the recommended item in the Engineering Leveling Guide down below.

Using Scraps to Level

You can utilize scraps from a perfect salvage to quickly level any applicable trade skill. This is a great way to obtain a boost to your trade skill experience. To learn all about perfect salvages and how to use scraps you can check out our Perfect Salvage Guide.

Levels 1 – 100

First, we will be crafting Treated Wood Bows to get to level 100. Remember to deconstruct the bows after you craft them as they deconstruct into Timber, an easy resource to sell or repurpose. Below is a list of Materials to make it to 50:

Level 100 – 160

Next, from Engineering 100 to 200 we’ll be crafting Wyrdwood Spears. These spears have cheap material requirements and deconstruct into a valuable asset, Wyrdwood Planks. Below is the complete material list to get to level 200:

Level 160 – 250

Finally, for the home stretch, we’ll be crafting Ironwood Spears to reach level 250. Below is the Material List for the Ironwood Spears. REMEMBER to salvage these spears as they will produce Ironwood Planks

Engineering Gear

To use your Engineering to its full potential, you will need to obtain Engineering Gear.

Engineering ArmorHow to Obtain it
Engineer HatCaminus Gate Lord
Engineer ShirtMirepaw
Engineer GlovesLost Alchemist Krockes
Engineer PantsOverseer Levy
Engineer ShoesIsvari

You will also need an Earring with the Engineering mastery perk on it to complete the set. These are cheap to craft or buy from the Auction House.

How to Craft 700 Gear Score Items with Engineering

When crafting max-level Engineering gear, you will first need to accumulate Primatic items such as Prismatic Ingots. You will also need to obtain 3 Major Engineering trophies and have them active in your house, obtain all the Engineering gear above, and consume the appropriate crafting trade skill food. Finally, you’ll need to own a home in a settlement that has the appropriate crafting town buff active. Below is a summary of everything you will need to craft a 600 Gear Score item:

  • Engineering level 250
  • 5 pieces of Engineering Gear
  • Earring with Trade Skill Mastery Perk (cheap on Trading Post or craft your own)
  • Major Engineering Crafting Trophy +5 Min Gear Score for Engineering (Artifact)
  • Herb-Crusted Vegetables +15 Min/Max Gear Score for Engineering (Recipe)
  • House in a Settlement with the Engineer’s Patience +5 Min Gear Score for Engineering

Artisan Items

The Artisan line has a few select crafts for Engineers, Weaponsmiths, Armorers, Jewelcrafters, Arcanists and Chefs that allow them to craft an array of Bind on Pickup items to allow them to be more self sufficient and to have even more reasons to celebrate hitting 200 in a Trade Skill. Below are the items that can be crafted using the engineering profession:

  • Tools – Gear Score 600 and Bind on Pickup
    • Artisans Pick
    • Artisans Knife
    • Artisans Sickle
    • Artisans Axe
    • All of these tools feature their corresponding Discipline, Luck, and Yield perks as well as Alacrity which grants a haste bonus for 3s after gathering a node

New World Engineering Guide Conclusion

That completes our New World Engineering Guide!