Whenever you enter the tower for the first time you will land on Taedal’s Tower Floor 1. On this floor you will be facing the Charging Gatekeeper. In order to begin you need to be level 15. The Chief Orc Gatekeeper is a large boss that has very slow, but hard hitting attacks. You can easily dodge the attacks. They are very telegraphed. However, the boss does have a few abilities that you need to be aware of.

For more general information about Taedal’s Tower you can check our Taedal’s guide here.

Taedal's Tower Floor 1 Charging Gatekeeper


You can easily outrun the boss, and kite him around with ranged abilities if you have them. This will keep you at a safe distance from the Charging Gatekeeper and allow you easily take down the boss. The abilities that you need to be aware of on Taedal’s Tower floor 1 are the following:

  • Slam – The Charging Gatekeeper will slam the ground. This sends out a ground eruption in a straight line in front of him. He will raise his weapon above his head prior to performing the attack. When you see this you can easily sidestep the ability. Be aware that this ability may be repeated immediately after.
  • Hook Pull – If you are at range the Chief Orc Gatekeeper will periodically throw a hook at you. If you’re hit by the hook you will be pulled into the boss. This ability can be blocked, or you can dash away to avoid it. You can predict the ability when the boss throws his shield back. Once he does that the hook will immediately be thrown towards you.
  • Charge – The boss will start glowing orange and then charge towards you. You can avoid the charge by sidestepping out of the way. If you are hit by the charge you will be stunned for a short duration. Be aware that he can perform the ability up to three times in a row.
Taedal's Tower Floor 1

The Taedal’s Tower Floor 1 boss is slow, and doesn’t have a ranged attack. Therefore, utilizing a ranged weapon like the bow or crossbow, for example, are great options to easily progress to the next tower level. The biggest attack to be aware is the charge. If you are hit and stunned this will leave you vulnerable to follow up attacks.


Defeating the Charging Gatekeeper will yield the following rewards:

Quality Armor Growthstone2
Quality Weapon Growthstone1
Quality Accessory Growthstone1
Recovery Crystal5

The rewards can only be obtained one time.

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9Dance of the Flashing Sword30
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11Maze of Death36
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14Out of Sight39
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17Unbreakable Shield of Cooperation42
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