Welcome to our Adentus Guild Boss guide. In Throne and Liberty, multiple Raid Bosses appear throughout the open world and in Guild Raid activities. Each boss is at a different level and brings their own unique mechanics. Adentus is a Level 50 Boss, as a result, we recommend tackling this with guildmates that exceed that level. Adentus in the open world is found at the Ruins of Turayne. However, once your Guild hits level 17, you can take on Adentus with your Guild via the Guild Hall. Lets take a look at Adentus’s mechanics and how to defeat it!

Adentus Boss Fight [Normal Difficulty]

Phase 1

Adentus doesn’t have many attacks, especially on Normal Difficulty. However, the attacks are consistent and the damage is fairly high. As a result, with some careful gameplay, the boss is quite straightforward and farmable! Some of the best loot in-game comes from Adentus. One of the first attacks to watch out for if a non-melee players takes the aggro of Adentus is a large AoE attack that stuns and deals very large damage. This attack is telegraphed by Adentus preparing to smash the top of its hammer on the ground.

Cone Attack

Throughout the fight, Adentus calls out “Overturn!” and begins to smash the ground with its hammer. This attack is telegraphed with three lines heading outward in a cone shape. Adentus then smashes the ground sending out three waves of stone, repeating this attack three times in three different directions!

adentus guild boss guide aoe cone

Spike Circles

Another dangerous, large scale attack from Adentus is the spike attack. Adentus flips its hammer up into the air before catching it and slamming the ground. However, while the hammer is in the air, multiple circles form in the arena! Each of these circles erupt, dealing damage to anyone inside them. As a result, make sure you’re out of the circles as soon as possible!

Chain Pull

The final attack from Adentus’s arsenal to watch out for is the chain pull attack. Fortunately, the attack is a Fury Attack, making it easy to notice ahead of time. If players block the attack perfectly, nothing happens. However, if players do not block the attack they’ll be pulled in immediately and take damage after too.

adentus guild boss guide pull mechanic

These are the attacks to watch out for when fighting Adentus. As a result, keep these mechanics in mind, DPS the boss and defeat it!

Adentus Guild Boss Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Throne and Liberty Adentus Guild Boss guide. For more information on Throne and Liberty, check out our official Home page!