In order to gain access to Taedal’s Tower floor 12 you must be level 37 and have completed floor 11. As soon as you enter the floor you will notice a change of scenery. For this encounter you will be fighting in the desert. Here you will face the Crystal Scorpion.

The boss will not be visible whenever you first enter the arena. Instead, you will see a much smaller scorpion. You must complete a simple mechanic in order for the boss to appear.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know in order to be successful on Taedal’s Tower floor 12 and progress to the next floor. For more general information about Taedal’s Tower you can check our Taedal’s guide here.

Taedal's Tower Floor 12 - Answers in the Sand

Abilities & Mechanics

In order for the Crystal Scorpion to enter the arena you will need to lure the smaller scorpion into the sand whirlwind in the middle of the arena. Once you do so the much larger boss will appear.

The main mechanic of this fight is the disappearance of the boss and the appearance of 3 smaller scorpions. You will need to drag the smaller scorpions into the correct whirlwind. This will stun the boss for a short duration and give you a window of opportunity to deal damage to the boss or to heal up if needed. If the scorpions are drug into the wrong whirlwind the boss will re appear but will not be stunned.

Below are the mechanics of the fight:

  • Summon Scorpions & Hide – The boss will burrow and summon 3 smaller Tower Explosion Scorpions into the sand arena. These work just like the scorpion at the start of the floor. You want to lure the scorpions into a whirlwind. However, you want to pick the correct whirlwind to lure the scorpions into. When the boss burrows there will be 3 lines of sand moving across the arena. After 3 passes they will disappear and a whirlwind will be left where they disappeared. You want to make sure you follow the purple sand line. If you drag the scorpions into the correct whirlwind – the one left by the purple line – the boss will re-appear in a stunned state for a short duration. If you choose the wrong whirlwind the boss will re-appear but will not be stunned, and has the ability to stun and damage you upon re entering the arena.
Taedal's Tower Floor 12 - Answers in the Sand

Other Abilities

  • Tail Crystal – The boss will shoot a purple crystal at your direction. This attack can be blocked. Make sure you’re paying attention to the purple block circle and time your block just before the projectile hits you.
  • Spin – The crystal scorpion will quickly spin around. This will deal a good amount of damage to you if you’re caught in the spin. Make sure to keep your distance here until the spin has stopped.

Taedal's Tower Floor 12 - Answers in the Sand
  • Burrow – The boss will burrow into the ground and pop up near your location. If you’re hit when he emerges you will be stunned and vulnerable for a follow up attack. You can easily avoid this attack by moving away from the yellow circles you will see in the arena.

Utilizing a ranged weapon can make this fight quite a lot easier. You can easily see and block the crystal projectiles. If you’re ranged you do not have to worry about the spin, and it’s much easier to move out of range of the burrow ability. Ultimately at range you can kite the boss while dealing damage, block the ranged crystal attack, avoid the spin, avoid the burrow stun, and lure the scorpions into the correct whirlwind.


Rare Armor Growthstone4
Rare Weapon Growthstone2
Rare Accessory Growthstone2
Quality Recovery Crystal5

The rewards can only be obtained one time.

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