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In order to gain access to Taedal’s Tower floor 11 you must be level 36 and have completed floor 10. On this floor you will encounter the Roaring Avolos Umbramancer. Starting with floor 11 and beyond, the mechanics you’ll encounter within the tower begin to get a bit more complex. During this encounter you will have to find your way out of a maze during the fight or potentially die.

The boss on Taedal’s Tower floor 11 is tanky and utilizes a magic staff. He casts ranged abilities toward you as his basic attacks and has several other abilities and mechanics that you’ll need to be aware of.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know in order to be successful on Taedal’s Tower floor 11 and progress to the next floor. For more general information about Taedal’s Tower you can check our Taedal’s guide here.

Taedal's Tower Floor 11 - Maze of Death

Abilities & Mechanics

The main mechanic of this encounter is the Maze of Death. This is a mechanic that can not be avoided. You will be pulled to the center of the arena and must find you way out of the maze to avoid death. If you can master the maze of death you’ll be well on your way to defeating Avolos Umbramancer and clearing the floor.

Below are the mechanics of the fight:

  • Maze of Death – Roaring Avolos Umbramancer will pull you to the center of the arena. You can not avoid being pulled. Once he pulls you he will summon a maze that covers the vast majority of the arena. Whenever the maze is summoned a deadly blue Aoe will begin to cover the entirety of the maze starting from the middle of the maze. You have to quickly find your way out of the maze before the blue AoE catches up to you. The only way to escape is by running. You can not jump over the walls.
    • You can morph to utilize you dash to exit the maze quickly
    • Make sure you’re paying attention to your stamina as you run through the maze
    • Zoom your camera out and angle your camera down to easily locate the path to safety
    • Once you exit the maze the walls will fall
Taedal's Tower Floor 11 - Maze of Death

Other Notable Abilities

  • Lighting Bolts – Once you have escaped the maze and the walls have fallen you will see some dark blue circles on the ground. These circles will be all over the arena. Avoid standing inside of them. Lighting will strike the circles moments after they appear. If you are caught inside of the circle you will take damage from the lighting bolts.
  • Energy Beam – The boss will shoot a beam of energy in a straight line at your location. You can sidestep the beam to avoid it. The beam can also be blocked. Be on the lookout for the purple circle in order to time your perfect block to avoid the damage from the beam.
Taedal's Tower Floor 11 - Maze of Death
  • Lightning Circles – Periodically the boss will raise his staff and summon dark circles of energy into the arena. You will see three small circles appear on you and next to you. In order to avoid taking damage quicky move out and away from the circles. A moment after the circles appear those areas will be struck by lightning.
Taedal's Tower Floor 11 - Maze of Death


Rare Armor Growthstone4
Rare Weapon Growthstone2
Rare Accessory Growthstone2
Quality Recovery Crystal5

The rewards can only be obtained one time.

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