Welcome to our Ashes of Creation Summoner Guide! Summoners are the most flexible primary class in Verra. Learn everything about this pet-driven class read more below.

General Information

The Summon is one of the eight primary classes in Ashes of Creation. What sets the Summon apart from other classes, is its ability to summon Allies in battle to aid them in different ways. These allies can assist with any role such as DPS, Tanking, and even healing! This allows the Summon a lot of flexibility in both solo and group play.

The type of Summons that a Summoner can cast depends on the Secondary Class (more below) the Summoner Chooses. The types of summons available include Animals, Spirits, Skeletons, undead, and more! Not only will the Secondary Class affect the summons you can use, but it will also alter the skills you and your summons can use.

Here are some more things we know about the Summoner Class:

  • Summoner’s abilities will be centered around the summons abilities
  • Some abilities allow the summons to “share” damage with their pet and other synergistic abilities between the Summoner and the summon
  • You can change the appearance of your summon through in-game and cosmetic items.
  • Your race will also affect the appearance of your summon.

Summoner Classes

SummonerFighterWild Blade
SummonerTankBrood Warden

Summoner Skills

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Skill Tree

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Ashes of Creation Summoner Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Summoner Guide! Make sure to check out our Ashes of Creation Home Page