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Welcome to our Throne and Liberty Beginners Guide. Here, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about Throne and Liberty to Get started including an introduction to the Weapon System, Leveling, Secret Dungeons, and more!

Getting Started

Throne and Liberty is a Guild-centric MMO with a beautiful open world and smooth tab-targeting. Throne and Liberty is currently only available to play in Korea but is set to launch Globally in Q2 of 2024.

Once you download the game, create your character! Currently, there is only one available race in the game, but you can alter your character’s appearance to look elf-like. None of the choices in the character creator affects gameplay. Next, you will begin the game Tutorial. During the tutorial, you will get to choose the first two weapons.

Classless Weapon System

Throne and Liberty has a Class Weapon System that allows players to pick any two weapons to create their build! Here is a list of the available weapons in the game and a full guide for each weapon!

Each weapon has active and passive abilities that you can use in your build. You can use as many or few of the abilities in your build from each weapon. Throne and Liberty makes it easy and fun for players as most of the weapons have synergy with the other weapons, so players are free to play with whatever weapons they want.

Another great thing about T&L’s weapon system is that there is no active weapon swapping! Just press the skills on your active hotbar and your character will swap weapons to whatever spell you are using! You WILL need to pick what weapon is your primary weapon in the Character Info screen (default “p” key) as it will determine which weapon your character auto-attacks with.

Map, Questing, and Fast Travel

As stated above, Throne and Liberty has an open-world map with minimal loading screens! You can access the in-game map by pressing “M”. Some of the main features of the Map interface are:

  • Region Lists – areas such as Bases, Castles, Dungeons, Territories and more
  • Region Details – Shows information regarding a region
  • Your Current Location
  • Go to Current Location – when viewing a different region, click this to return to your current position on the map
  • Address and Weather information – Shows the region names and environmental information
  • Legend – Full information of an icon on the map

While on the map screen, you’ll also have access to Throne and Liberty’s fast Travel system, Waypoints! Waypoints can be discovered while exploring the open world and are marked by the image below.

Discovering a Waypoint also unlocks the Regional Exploration Quests for each area! These give great XP and will be used to alongside the Main Story Quest to help you get to max level! We’ll cover more on Leveling down below!

Morphs and Amitois

Morphs and Amitois are two ways that help Throne and LIberty stand out from other MMOs! To transverse the map, players can change(morph) into animals and creatures at instant speed! There are 3 different forms of morphs in Throne and Liberty:

  • Dash – allows players to sprint in animal form across LAND
  • Glide – allows players to glide in the AIR when jumping off higher points on the map
  • Swim – lets players move quickly through WATER

There are tons of each Morph form for players to unlock and collect as they play Throne and Liberty!

Amitois are pet player pets that help as they adventure! Amitois helps players pick up items and can periodically heal players using World Tree Leaves! Check out our consumables guide for more information. The more Amitois a player collects, the more powerful they become so be sure to look for them along your journey.

Itemization and Gear Enchanting

Throne and Liberty has a unique gearing system that allows players to equip any piece of gear, no matter what weapons or spells they choose to use. Each piece of gear has a unique set of Traits that can have and provide different levels of Ranged and Melee Defense. We discuss all of these in our Throne and Liberty Stats Guide

Each piece of gear can be upgraded by leveling up, placing new traits on, and being merged into higher-level gear on the Gear Enchanting Screen (default “.” Key). Next, we’ll discuss each of the tabs found on the Enchanting Screen and how they can be used to upgrade your gear!

Level Up

Each piece of gear can be leveled up with a corresponding item called a Growthstone. Leveling up your gear increases the effectiveness of the Armor, Weapon, or Accessories base stats. Growthstones can be found while questing across Throne and Liberty, completing daily contracts, and more!


The Transfer tab allows players to Transfer the progression from one Piece of Gear to another Piece of Gear. This comes in handy when you get a drop of a higher Rarity or want to switch items of the same rarity.

When moving to a higher rarity of gear, progress is transferred at a lower rate and you can only move up one rarity at a time. For example, Transferring progress to a Level 6 Uncommon to a Rare will only level up the item to Level 3. This is due to the XP requirement increase of the higher rarity item

When Transferring Xp to items of the same rarity, XP transfers at a 1:1 rate. For Example, Transferring a Rare Level 9 to another Rare will make the item Level 9.


Finally, you can add/upgrade traits to your gear. Traits are an important part of end-game progression and help you customize your gear! For a complete breakdown of Throne and Liberty’s Trait system, check out our Trait Guide

Throne and Liberty Traits Guide Trait Image 1


Throne and Liberty has many PVE experiences for players including Contracts, Open World, Instanced dungeons, and more! Below is a quick look at each PVE feature in Throne and Liberty


Contracts are “side-quests” that players can pick up at Contract Merchants. Completing contracts is a vital part of Throne and Liberty and rewards players with XP as well as materials to craft/upgrade gear.

Dynamic Events

Dynamic Events are open-world activities that happen every 3 hours. These come in many different forms including Peaceful (PVE), Conflict (PVP), and Guild Events! Each has its unique objectives and is well worth your time to compete for the XP and Rewards, especially while leveling up! You can check the Dynamic Event calendar by looking at your World Map, and clicking on the calendar tab.

Secret Dungeons

Secret Dungeons are instanced PVE experiences of both Solo and Group Experiences. Taedal’s Tower is a solo experience that places players in a 1 v 1 fight with a Boss with unique mechanics and rewards.

Paolas Dimension is the classic MMO group dungeon experience in Throne and LIberty. Groups of 6 will progress through trash mobs and mini-bosses until they come in conflict with the Dungeon Boss. Paolas Dimensions rewards players with some of the best gear in the game!

Open World Dungeons

Along with Instance Dungeons, Throne, and Liberty boast several open-world dungeons. These dungeons have multiple levels and drop some of the best loot in the game! There is no cap on how many people can group up and go exploring in the Open World Dungeons, so you can go in with your whole guild if you want.

At night time, the Open World Dungeons also turn into PVP hot spots as they are transitioned into conflicted zones! Make sure you keep an eye on the time and bring friends if you plan on going at night

Raid Bosses

There are a ton of Raid Boss fights in Throne and Liberty, each with its unique mechanics and rewards! Raid Bosses are available to fight mainly through your guild hall but You can also summon Raid Bosses by controlling Rift stones in the open world! Finally, you can even encounter some of these Raid Bosses in the open world.


PVP is a vital part of Throne and LIberty’s guild-driven systems! Below is a look at all the different PVP events in T&L

Open World

Open World is the most prominent part of PVP in Throne and Liberty. PVP in the open world usually occurs during Conflict, Guild Dynamic events, and over Riftstones and other Open World Control Points. Finally, as mentioned above, Open World Dungeons turn in to PVP hot spots at night!


Castle Siege is the ultimate boiling point of large-scale PvP. Guilds and Alliances prepare themselves for weeks on end to then attempt to capture the Throne or defend it. Sieges are epic battles field with 1000s of players and Epic Golems to help turn the tide of battle. For more information on Sieges in Throne and Liberty, check out our Siege Guide!

Arenas (Coming Soon)

Arenas are an exciting addition coming to Throne and Liberty and will be the first instanced PVP experience in the MMO. They are scheduled for Q2 of 2024, with 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 modes announced so far.

Throne and Liberty Beginners Guide Conclusion

That concludes our Throne and Liberty Beginners Guide. For a guide on how to play Throne and Liberty’s Korean Launch, click here!