One of the main quest lines in No Rest for the Wicked will take you down into the Sacrament sewers. The sewers are pretty dangerous and overran by the plague. You may have seen the Sacrament sewer entrance prior to making it to Sacrament but weren’t able to open it. You’ll need a few pre-requisites prior to opening the sewer entrance.

After reaching Sacrament and accepting the quest “Of Rats and Raiders” you’ll need to find the sewer entrance. This section of the quest will happen once you have defeated Darak, and freed Rattigan from his cage.

  • Reach Sacrament
  • Accept the “Of Rats and Raiders” quest
  • Find and defeat Darak
  • Free Rattigan
  • Head to the sewers

Once Rattigan is free he will mark the location of the sewer entrance on your map. However, it can be a bit tricky to locate. Below are detailed instructions on how to locate the entrance to the sewers.

How to Find the Sacrament Sewer Entrance

Sacrament Sewer Entrance

The entrance to the Sacrament sewers is located in one of the first areas, Mariner’s Keep. From the whisper near sacrament you’ll head south, following the path. You’ll make your way through the Orban Glades into Mariner’s Keep.

Instead of fighting through the Risen in Mariner’s Keep, you will climb down the vines to the south as soon as you cross the wooden bridge.

Once down the vines, climb the ladder down. You’ll then walk through the opening on the right side of the room and take another ladder down to the ground. From here, you’ll loop around the rock wall until you are in the water. Swim across the water and you’ll find the entrance to the Sacrament sewers.

Once you’re inside the sewers you’ll be able to continue the quest “Of Rats and Raiders.” You’ll also find a whisper within the sewers so you don’t have to run all the way back from Sacrament each time you die, or need to revisit down.

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