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Ashes of Creation will be set in the world of Verra. In this guide, we’ll take you through everything we know about the Ashes of Creation Map including the Map Size, Landmarks, Nodes and Player Starting Areas.

Ashes of Creation Map Size

They have stated that the map will be approx. 480km x 480km. This estimate includes both landmasses and the surrounding oceans.

There will be another playable zone in the map called The Underrealm that will add approx 100km x 100km.  Below is an image of the current concept of the endgame map.


Nodes in Ashes of Creation are pre-set locations that are each wrapped in a zone of influence. The map will be made up of 118 nodes, 103 normal nodes with 15 castle nodes. As a player gains experience within that zone of influence, they not only gain experience for their character, but also for the node. 

The size and growth of those towns depend on the contribution of the players and how far they have advanced the node. The advancement of a node unlocks its unique content but comes at the cost of locking out an increasing ring of neighboring nodes from progressing to the next stage. This system is the primary driving force for change in the world because it creates scarcity. The more advanced a node becomes the larger the node’s zone of influence grows.

Node Progression System in Ashes of Creation

As nodes gain experience, they can form into towns of different sizes, totaling 6 variations: 

Stage 0 – Wilderness

Stage 0 of node progression. Every node will be a wilderness at launch. The node will be uninhabited and empty during this stage.

Stage 1 – Expedition (Crossroads)

Stage 1 of the node advancement. When a node transforms into an Expedition node, a small group of NPCs and their companions with tents, campfires, etc. 

Stage 2 – Encampment (Camp)

Stage 2 of node advancement. Once this stage is reached the number of NPC’s grows and the tents and other temporary structures become more semi-permanent structures. It will be occupied with wagons and simple tools such as a smokehouse. They will have larger tents and buildings constructed from local materials.

Stage 3 – Village

Stage 3 of node advancement. At this stage, the camp becomes a small frontier town. The structures become more permanent, a Government begins to form. Buildings are developed with more advanced materials, and a special building is unlocked at this stage which allows the unique utility to its node type (More on node types below) 

Concept Art of a Dunir Village in Ashes of Creation

Stage 4 – Town

Stage 4 of node advancement. Structures at this stage become even more permanent and it begins to feel well lived in and developed. Societies and Organizations start to snub the town with ranking structures for players to participate in.

Stage 5 – City

Stage 5 of node advancement. Once this stage is reached the node begins to feel very alive with bustling development and the accommodations of a major player hub. It is populated with every major element of civilization, such as temples, guild halls, and major embassies from other nodes that will be present if diplomacy prevails. At the City stage relics can also begin to appear within the vaults.

Stage 6 – Metropolis

Stage 6 is the final stage of node advancement. At the metropolis stage, the node is enormous. The Metropolis acts as the central hub for all things in its region. Every organization and religion will be represented, markets will connect the world, mansions and businesses will thrive, and the Metropolis will house a unique and powerful ability called a superpower that is determined by the node type (more on node types below). There can be a maximum of 5 metropolises in existence at any time on anyone server. 

Ashes of Creation Starting Areas

In Ashes of Creation, each race will have a different spawn location. The Dwarfs, Humans, Elfs, and Orcs all have an ancient city on the map near a Divine Gateway. A Divine Gateway is where new players will spawn into Ashes of Creation. Players can choose to spawn at any of the 4 Divine Gateways, no matter what race they choose.

The 5th race, the Tulnar, will have the option to spawn in the Underground or any of the Divine Gateways.


That concludes our Ashes of Creation Map Guide, For more Ashes of Creation Guides, check out our dedicated Ashes of Creation Page!