Welcome to our Throne and Liberty Leveling guide. Leveling can be a tricky process in MMORPG’s, often leading you to sections where you may feel your progress slow down massively. In this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about starting out, what to prioritize on your journey and more for a smoother experience.

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General Leveling Tips

One of the most important things to know while leveling with our Throne and Liberty Leveling guide is what types of Quests you have available, and what each objective icon looks like.

  • Purple Quests are your “Main Story Quests”. These quests are the most important priority in your leveling process by far. Each Chapter of the main story provides huge chunks of EXP, catapulting you through several levels.
  • Blue Quests are the “Side Quests” in Throne and Liberty. Side quests can be found throughout the world as you progress. Each zone has its own side quests and as a result, offers different EXP amounts and rewards. It is very important to keep track of side quests and complete them within your level range.
  • Gold Quests are your “Contracts”. These contracts are taken out from the Contract Merchant in most major towns. Each contract provides various growth materials, EXP and Sollant as a reward, but also Abyss Contract Tokens too!
  • Green Quests is the indicator for “Guild Quests”. Guild quests typically provides good rewards for yourself as well as your Guild. This also includes EXP and Sollant. As a result, be sure to participate with your Guild in every activity!

Dynamic Events

Dynamic Events in Throne and Liberty occur every couple of hours – sometimes more frequently. These Events provide great filler EXP while also providing Sollant and upgrade materials. As a result, participating in Dynamic Events between questing is important for success in leveling! Events can come in the form of collection-based Events, World Boss Events and more. Finally, World Boss Events also appear every couple of hours – Bosses also provide great items and EXP rewards.

Codex Chapters

The Main Story Questline of Throne and Liberty is split into a prelude and 10 Codex Chapters. The Level requirements for each Chapter unlock is the following:

  • Chapter 0 – Prelude: Level 1
  • Chapter 1: Complete Prelude
  • Chapter 2: Level 5
  • Chapter 3: Level 11
  • Chapter 4: Level 19
  • Chapter 5: Level 24
  • Chapter 6: Level 29
  • Chapter 7: Level 34
  • Chapter 8: Level 40
  • Chapter 9: Level 45
  • Chapter 10: Level 50

Level 1-24

The main priority throughout each Chapter is to only focus on completing every Main Story Quest in that Chapter. As a result, you’ll see your Level increase multiple times within a short amount of time. However, you typically end up 1-2 Levels below the Level Requirement for the next Chapter. This is where you should focus on Side Quests next. Side Quests unlock and reveal themselves on the map only when you activate the region’s waypoint. After reaching Level 10, the first thing you should do is join a Guild or make a Guild with your community. Being in a Guild is vital in Throne and Liberty for success and the incredible amount of bonus rewards you also receive. Once you complete Chapter 4, you should be in one of the central hub towns of Throne and Liberty; Vienta Village.

When you hit the EXP wall at around level 22, make sure to complete all active Side Quests that give good EXP in the area. After those are complete, you can move on to the next 1-2 nearby areas to unlock their Side Quests by touching the waypoint. Finally, head out to Monolith Wasteland and Abandoned Stonemason Town to collect those Side Quests and complete as many as you can.

To fill out the rest of the EXP, make sure to attend Dynamic Events, use your gathering on ores/trees/herbs and kill mobs to reach 24. You have the option of taking and completing a few Contracts, however, we advise against doing this too much too early. This is due to Contracts being important for upgrade materials at Level 50 while being limited to the amount you can do each day.


It is important to note that at Level 20, your first Paola’s Dimension Circle will unlock – Specter’s Abyss. Paola’s Dimension Circle is a set of unique dungeons, made for 6-person parties! Make sure to do some of these where you can to gain additional EXP and smooth out your leveling experience. Keep in mind that you can only use your Dimension Tokens a limited amount a day to claim rewards from these dungeons.

Level 24-40

Continue following the Codex Chapters for the Main Story Quest where possible. Just like level 1-25, it is also likely you’ll hit some slow-down at Level 27, 32 and Level 38. Those slow-downs need to be filled again with Side Questing, Events and Dungeons. You can also utilize the Abyss Dungeons (the Open World Dungeons) to grind Sollant, EXP and Weapon EXP. Around this point in Leveling, you should keep an eye on the Final Rewards you receive in each Chapter. Take the Weapons and gear/accessories that match the build you want to make – they’ll be strong until you replace them with Epic gear.

At Level 40 you’ll gain access to another new Dimension Circle Dungeon, Temple of Roar.

Much like we recommend in the Level 1-24 section, move to the first couple of areas near the zone appropriate to your level. In this case, Moonlight Desert, Sandworm Lair and Daybreak Shore. Unlock the waypoint to gain good EXP from the Side Quests.

Level 40-50

The final 10-level stretch takes place around the Northeast and Northwest of the map. These areas include the Shattered Temple, Ruins of Turayne, Hill of Purification, Greyclaw Forest, Akidu Valley and Fonos Basin. As a result, the main towns you’ll operate in while leveling are Canina Village and Watcher’s Post. It is very important to complete as many Main Story Quests as you can, and immediately begin completing Side Quests by unlocking each zone’s waypoint.

At this point, Contracts become worthwhile too as they’ll reward you with Rare Growth stones, EXP and Sollant. Another matter of importance is the scaling of Gathering EXP at this level. At Level 34+, you begin to earn anywhere between 1k-2.5k EXP per gathering action. As a result, make sure you’re doing this as much as possible to fill the gaps!

As usual, hitting up the Events, Dungeons and Abyss Dungeons helps a lot too. If you follow that pattern, you should hit level 50 in no time and have no issues pushing through the slow-down sections!

Final Leveling Tips

  • At certain points of leveling, you may notice you are over-capped on your Contract Request total. As a result, you can use some of these to help your EXP gain in the slow-down sections without hurting your post-50.
  • Always press “J” to inspect your Codex and check the Quests you can do in each area – this can fix a lot of confusion at times.
  • Keep your Quest Tracker on the right of the screen neat by pinning the relevant quests near your position while removing others.
  • Once you hit Level 50, be sure to use as many of your available Contracts as possible. Use them preferably at Canina Village, as the Contracts send you to Greyclaw Forest with easier tasks. When selecting your Contracts, be sure to only pick the Contracts that have Growth stones or Lucky Pockets as rewards.
  • Be sure to Party-up where possible, due to the EXP bonus you receive. This can especially be useful if you head down to the Abyss Dungeons to farm mobs for EXP, Sollant and Weapon EXP.
  • Remember to not underestimate gathering for EXP, especially after Level 34+. Certain spots uncontested can yield 200k+ EXP per hour!
  • Upgrading your weapons and your damage skills as often as possible will make clearing content a much smoother experience.
  • Make sure when you’re selecting your rewards throughout the Main Story that the stats match your build. For example, Magic Hit items for a Staff + Wand combo.
  • It is important to know the weapon combo you want to play the most, ahead of time. Early game, it is pretty difficult to fully re-roll – so choose wisely!
  • Follow the pattern of “Main Quest and Gathering -> Side Quest -> Events, Dungeons & Guild Activities -> Mob grinding & Abyssal Dungeon -> small amount of Contracts” for a fast Level 50.


Past Level 50, it is important to immediately begin using all of your total Contracts available on gearing and upgrading your blue weapons and armor. The priority here, however, is weapons for higher DPS output to get through the Level 50 dungeons. These Contracts replenish once a day, giving 10 back to the player. Select Contracts that give Weapon Growth stones and Lucky Pockets over anything else until you’re +9 on blue weapons.


Dying on Throne and Liberty in the open world is punishing. Each time you die, you lose a percentage of your total EXP. However, that is not all, you also eventually gain a stacking de-buff that lowers Damage and Movement Speed by 10%. You can use Restoration Coins or Sollant to remove deaths and gain back your lost EXP, until they expire. As a result, try your best to avoid deaths where you can.

Leveling Rewards

Each player has a “Leveling Pass” that completes as you reach certain Milestones or complete certain tasks. There is a free and paid version of the pass. The rewards can range from materials and Growth stones, to consumables and Sollant. Below is an example of the pass.

Throne and Liberty Leveling Guide leveling pass image

This page can be checked by pressing “ESC” and clicking “Leveling Log”. Alternatively, press “[“.

Throne and Liberty Leveling Guide Conclusion

And that concludes our Throne and Liberty Leveling guide. For more information on Throne and Liberty, check out our official Home page!