Welcome to our complete Skeleton Warlord Boss Fight guide for Dark and Darker. In this guide, information such as attacks, mechanics, location and more is available. The Skeleton Warlord is a new boss added to the game by Ironmace in Early Access. Let’s check out how to beat the Warlord.

Skeleton Warlord Boss Fight Featured Image

Skeleton Warlord Boss Fight Location

The Boss location is fairly straightforward as a result of every boss in the Inferno map having a chance to spawn there. The main difference with the Skeleton Warlord is that it can only spawn on the non-High Roller game mode. This is due to the fact that the Boss feels somewhat easier than the others. As a result, players new to Boss fights in the Inferno map can ease their way in!

The Skeleton Warlord utilizes a couple of mechanics and abilities that need to be watched out for. Unless you prefer a quick death, however. With a bit of preparation and research, however, this fight is very simple. The Boss fight starts whenever a player enters one of the 8 entrances. This fight requires the players to be aware of Skeleton Rogues, teleporting attacks, crowd control mechanics, and more.


  • Summon Skeleton Rogues, an ability used between phases by the Skeleton Warlord that summons multiple Skeleton Rogues to attack you.
  • Bone Prison, the Skeleton Warlord traps you inside a bone prison after standing within his aura and reaching 5 stacks of his de-buff. 60 HP, 15% Projectile Resistance, -10% Physical Resistance.
  • Throwing Knives, a thrown enchanted knife used periodically to catch players at range. 25 Physical Damage.
  • Normal Attacks, generic sword swings from the Skeleton Warlord.
  • Soul Steal, the Warlord uses dead players’ souls to cast a shield on himself. Absorbs 250 damage.
  • Realm of Domination, the Warlord paralyzes players in an AoE for 6 seconds.
  • Teleport Attacks, the Warlord teleports behind a random player and attacks with his sword.


  • Damage: 32
  • HP: 2100
  • Movement Speed: 250
  • Experience Points on kill: 50
  • Adventure Points: 50


The first thing any team should do when entering the Skeleton Warlord Boss fight is to buff up. Clerics and/or Bards pre-casting their protections and damage buffs is key to a good fight along with protection potions.

Once the fight starts, the Warlord summons his Skeleton Rogues and casts a shield on himself. These Rogues have chains attached to them that lead to the boss. To lower the shield, the Rogues need to be killed. If the Rogues are not killed in time, the chains linking to the boss shatter. However, it is unconfirmed if this can wipe your party, or cause the Realm of Domination attack. In this first phase, is it best for the Cleric to push right up to the Warlord and use Holy Purification. Doing this hits every Skeleton Rogue and makes killing them all much easier for the party.

Skeleton Warlord Boss Fight rogue spawn

After the Warlord’s barrier drops, he begins his onslaught. Swinging at randomly selected players while also walking towards them. This is where a Fighter with a shield shines the most. By holding the block while also looking slightly up, you can block most of the Warlord’s attacks! However, kiting the Warlord and having your team attack his back works too. During this time, be aware of who the Warlord’s target is and his tendency to teleport. As a result, prepare accordingly and have one player tank or kite, the rest DPS.

Bone Prison

As can be seen above, the Warlord periodically throws out a blue cone-shaped area on the ground. The area itself does not deal damage, however, should you stand inside the area long enough – you are imprisoned. Players can track the de-buff on their HUD to know whether or not they’re about to be trapped. The de-buff ticks up to 5 before activating the Prison. Players can easily break out of the Prison due to the fact it has 60 HP. Teammates can help too so make sure to call it out!

Skeleton Warlord bone prison

After a damage phase, the Warlord goes back to phase 1 with his barrier up. Repeat the process of killing the Skeleton Rogues he spawns and push the Warlord into phase 2. The Warlord acts entirely the same as the first damage phase, utilizing Teleport Attacks, Throwing Knives, Normal Attacks, Bone Prison and Soul Steal. As a result, the method for damaging the boss is the same as the first damage phase. Rinse and repeat this a few times and you will have killed the boss! The Skeleton Warlord was made with casual players in mind. Giving the community an easier boss to ease into the hardest PvE content in the game. As a result, this boss is far simpler than the Lich or the Ghost King.

Solo Methods

Soloing the Bosses in the Inferno is no easy task. However, these are a couple of methods that are class-dependent. Currently, the Warlock has the potential to solo the Skeleton Warlord. Simply keep your HP up by applying curses to the Warlord or Rogues and use Hellfire to clear all the monsters and damage the boss. It takes some time to get used to executing this strategy and usually requires the play to take “Immortal Lament“. To learn how to play the Warlock Class, check out our full Warlock Guide here.

High Roller

The only additional mechanics the Skeleton Warlord receives during High Roller matches is the following:

  • Raid Wipe – A Raid-wide AoE attack that instantly kills anyone in the room. There is a small safe spot to reach in the arena, if you fail to reach this or leave the room – you’ll wipe.
  • Crystal Beams – Three Crystals spawn and rotate around the arena, firing damaging beams towards the center.

Recommended Team Comp

Currently, we recommend the following team composition:

  • Bard, provides a ton of buffs, mobility and damage.
  • Cleric, provides a ton of buffs and healing paired with monster clear.
  • Fighter, this spot can technically be any damage dealer. However, the Fighter is a fantastic frontline tank that can utilize a shield.


Congratulations! You and your party have defeated the Skeleton Warlord and the spoils of the dungeon are yours! The Warlord drops 3 items from the standard drop table and 1 item from the miscellaneous table. Also, there is a Treasure Hoard! Treasure Hoards are infinite loot spots so long as your inventory can hold it all!

We hope our complete Skeleton Warlord Boss fight guide in Dark and Darker has successfully helped you claim all the glory and loot within the dungeon!

Dark and Darker is now in Early Access! Check out our updated guides for more information!