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What is Dark and Darker’s High Roller Mode?

Dark and Darker is a viciously brutal dungeon diving experience. For those that risk the peril of diving dungeons for loot and fame, hopping into the standard dungeon is dangerous enough. So, what is Dark and Darker’s High Roller Mode? How can an already dangerous adventure, become even more intense? Let’s find out.

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Dark and Darker’s High Roller Mode

When looking to leave the tavern to embark on your adventure, you have a few options to select. Firstly the experimental Goblin Cave that is solo entirely, secondly a free to enter standard dungeon and finally – High Roller.

High Roller is a high stakes version of the standard dungeon experience, where the ante is upped in many ways along with the loot quality. First off, the entry fee to each High Roller is 100 Gold. Paying the entry fee gives access to a dungeon that is far scarier than any standard experience. For example, standard HUD features you had before are no longer with you, such as the match timer. Another HUD feature to notice that is missing is the kill-feed. Usually the kill-feed can serve as a good way to know how many people are left in the lobby, who is in the lobby and what is in the lobby in terms of classes. In Dark and Darker’s High Roller mode, these are absent from the match.

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PvE changes

Compared to the standard dungeon experience, High Roller dungeons actually ups the difficulty of the mobs on average. As you traverse the dungeon you start to find that almost every monster is at least a red Elite that deals more damage and tanks more hits. However more and more monsters like the dark-grey Nightmare skeletons will spawn too. These mobs have more attack patterns, damage and health but also additional effects. For example, the Skeleton Guardsman’s shield will be electrified. If you hit the shield – it damages you too.

How does High Roller Mode affect PvP?

High Roller affects PvP scenarios in a fairly large way while not directly changing anything regarding PvP. However, paying a 100 Gold entry fee, combined with tougher mobs, less HUD elements and increased loot find as a result of the game mode creates a whole different dynamic. To compensate for the fees and increased difficulty, players will come in far more geared to ensure a higher chance of survival. Not only will players come in with more gear, but they will play for their lives in a smart way. As a result of the upped stakes and higher gear they’re carrying. In High Roller, it is typically expected that the average skill level of the player has increased too. This is due to the difficulty of the mode being appealing but the chance to chase glory on the High Roller Leaderboards. Expect tough competition.

Currently you can rank on the Leaderboards for the following categories:

  • Veteran Adventurer, overall score
  • Treasure Collector, escaping with treasure and selling it to The Collector
  • Killer Outlaw, top kills
  • Escape Artist, extracting successfully
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Exclusive Maps

Currently, the Higher Roller mode has a unique Crypt map, you cannot play on this map in standard lobbies.

What is Dark and Darker's High Roller Mode? Exclusive Crypt

High Roller Mode Tips

  • Take your time, if you are new to Dark and Darker or even High Roller mode, this is a must. Try not to overpull a room of super buffed up mobs, to prevent a quick trip to the graveyard. Clear carefully!
  • Try to maximize loot, loot quality on average is higher in High Roller. As a result, try to maximize the Gold you are gaining per square of your inventory!
  • Stack potions, stock up and bring as many potions as possible. Keep in mind too that you can actually pop two different value potions. This allows you to have multiple ticking potions!
  • Check player loot pre-game, in the tavern – scope out the competition. Doing some scouting allows you to figure out the true high rollers of the match. And perhaps some loot to target!

And there you have it! If you wanted to know what Dark and Darker’s High Roller Mode is, look no further!

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