Player housing in No Rest for the Wicked can be purchased in the town of Sacrament. Purchasing property is an expensive endeavor, but will give you a place to call home. You can decorate your house to your liking, and utilize it as a place to manage loot, craft items, and more.

How to Unlock Housing

In order to unlock housing you will need to complete the quest “Of Rats and Raiders.” After arriving in Sacrament, head to the top left of the town where Odessa is held captive. There, you meet Winnick, who gives will give you the quest. This quest is a very extensive and time consuming quest to complete. There are several steps involved, including freeing Rattigan from his cage, entering the sewers, and defeating Darak.

Once you have successfully completed the quest you will unlock the housing feature.

how to unlock housing in no rest for the wicked.

Homes in Sacrament

Once the housing feature is unlocked you will be able to see the house icons on your map in Sacrament. There are 3 houses you can purchases in the town.

  • The Roost – 20 Silver
  • The Homestead – 25 Silver
  • The Manor – 30 Silver
how to unlock housing in no rest for the wicked.
housing locations no rest for the wicked
how to unlock housing in no rest for the wicked.
cost of house no rest for the wicked

Housing Features

Your piece of property will serve as your player housing in No Rest for the Wicked. Depending on the size and location of the house, the price of the property will vary, however, the process is always the same.

First, save up the money for the house and approach the sign in front of the property and interact with it. From here you’ll be able to see the price of the home and purchase it if you wish.

Once you acquire you home you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Decorate it to your liking with furniture and other housing items.
  • Build and place crafting stations to utilize in you home
  • Rest on your bed
  • Manage and store your loot
housing in no rest for the wicked

Customizing Your Home

You housing in No Rest for the Wicked is fully customizable. There are no grids within the housing system, which allows you place items freely and anywhere you choose. Once inside your home you will simply need to enter Structure Mode. In order to enter structure mode you will need the housing item in your inventory. When you select the item from you inventory you’ll then be able place it down. This will allow you to place down and move items freely.

You can place items on top of other items. For example, you can place a vase on top of a table. After placing an object you can easily pick it up and move it to a different location if desired. There are a ton of furniture and decoration options to choose from in the game.

You will also have the ability to place down items that have a gameplay function as well. These items include storage chests, crafting stations, and beds.

housing in no rest for the wicked

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