Fishing, Mining, and more make up the artisan gathering classes available in AOC. Learn more in our Ashes of Creation Gathering Guide

General Gathering Guide

Gathering is one of three types of Artisan Classes in Ashes of Creation (Gathering, Processing, and Crafting). Each Artisan Class will have its own progression system, including quests, tools, and more! Here are some quick facts about the Gathering system in Ashes of Creation:

  • Most visible resources will be available to gather in the open world.
  • Players will earn both Artesian XP and Player XP while gathering.
  • Progression within a Gathering Class is per character.
  • As you gather resources in a certain node’s zone of influence that node will gain experience that contributes to its growth. However, once a resource is depleted it will not respawn in the same place, but randomly respawn elsewhere in the world.
  • There will be systems in place to help players find nodes to gather

Gathering Tools

Each Gathering Profession will have its own tools to use! These tools will primarily be made through the Crafting profession.

The tools will have durability and break and will have to be recrafted, but as you get more proficient with a particular gathering skill you’ll be able to gain more uses for your tools.

Next, Let’s look a more in-depth look at the 5 Gathering Professions in Ashes of Creation.


Ashes of Creation has a deep fishing system. You can fish from the land and from Sea using boats. As you level up your fishing you will be able to catch higher tiers of fish. The more exotic the fishing spot the bigger/rarer the fish will get!

Fish is not only used in food, but many other crafting recipes including furniture, clothing, and more.


Herbalism is the artisan profession used to gather herbs and crops used in alchemy, cooking and more. What makes Ashes of Creation’s gathering system unique, is the Seaonal System. Different crops will grow during different seasons in-game.

Finally, Herbs and Crops will grow in different regions and make it more lucrative to buy sell, and trade across the world of Verra.


Lumberjacking is used to gather wood in Ashes of Creation.  We’re still waiting on more information on lumberjacking in Ashes. When we learn more, we’ll update this guide!


Mining is used to gather ore in Ashes of Creation. One of the only thing that we know about mining in Ashes is that the Mines can be contested in PVP. This can create monopoly or control over a certain resource, making it profitable to fight for these points of interest. As we learn more about mining, well keep this guide updated!


Last, is the Hunting profession. Hunting consists of Taming and animal husbandry. Animals can be found in herds across Vera, and can then be tamed. Not all tameable creatures are docile so you may have to defend yourself during the process. Players can hunt down most wild animals and tame them to use them as mounts or in the animal husbandry system.

Animal Husbandry will allow players to seek out certain breeds or types of animal to make mounts to use or sell to other players. Each animal will have unique traits that will be determined by their genetics can be transferred to new mounts via the Animal Husbandry system. Rare animals will have rare traits that players can look for while exploring Ashes of Creation.

Ashes of Creation Gathering Guide Conclusion

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