Who is Rafflebones in New World

Rafflebones the Loot Collector is a monster that spawns all over the world of Aeternum. If you encounter Rafflebones you will have 45 seconds to kill him. Rafflebones does not fight back but does run so make sure you kill him quickly in order to get some nice loot. This guide goes though how To find Rafflebones in New World.

Rafflebones Loot Drops

If you’re able to take down Rafflebones you will receive the following:

  • A Named Weapon – The level 66 version will always drop one that can be upgraded at the Kiln with Dark Matter
  • Obsidian Gypsum  – Only if you can collect Gypsum (Applies to lower-level version of him as well)
  • 20 Dark Matter

Rafflebones Locations & How to Find Rafflebones in New World

Rafflebones will spawn randomly within select spawn points within each zone. There are a total of 210 possible spawn locations. You can utilize newworldmap.com and filter by monsters and select Rafflebones to see all the possible spawn locations.

It should be noted that Rafflebones will only spawn in a few locations at a time. Therefore, finding him can be tricky. The spawn points listed are all the locations he can spawn at. He is not guaranteed to be at the location you choose as he a range for spawn timers. This means you may have to wait a good while before the spawns back, or venture to another location to try to find him there.

2 Types of Rafflebones

Rafflebones has two different versions of him. The lower level 25 and higher level 66. The high-level version is always level 66 and will drop a named item.

The High-level Rafflebones will only spawn in the following zones:

  • Ebonscale Reach
  • Reekwater
  • Edengrove
  • Shattered Mountain
  • Brimstone Sands