Artifacts are a new type of gear coming to New World! We’ll take a look at all the Artifacts available in the Expansion in our New World Artifact Guide.

Artifact General Information

Artifacts are a new rarity of items found in New World. These Items offer unique perks that change the way you play the game. Artifacts can be found in Expeditions, the Open World, PVP Reward Track and more! We’ll speak more on this later in the guide.

For Example, let’s take a look at the Artifact Great Axe, The Abyss. The Abyss has a unique perk called “Darken Blade” that converts 99% of damage to Void and allows the user to scale all the Great Axe’s damage from Intelligence.

Some Artifacts, such as weapons, provide a second unique perk. The second perk, “Abyss”, allows the weapon to deal 20% more damage when your mana is below 100%. Each Artifact has 6 perks total and each perk has to be unlocked via Artifact Quest and Upgrades.

Artifact Quests

Once players find an Artifact, they’ll need to unlock all the perks of the Artifact through its Quest. Artifact Quests require the player to complete a subquest for each perk on the Artifact.

Artifact Upgrades

Next, Each Artifact can also be upgraded to have a 5th Perk of your choice! Players will need to take the Artifact plus the following items to a Gypsum Kilm.

Artifact Weapons

NameWeapon TypeKey PerksObtained From
PestilenceBlunderbuss*Attacks against Targets inflict a stack of poison and a decrease to incoming and outgoing healing effectiveness by 7% per stack for 6s (Max 3 seconds)
*8% damage against poisoned and diseased targets
PVP Reward Track
BoltcasterBow99% damage converted to lightning, and lightning damage is increased by 20% for both weapons.Annoyed Aguascia (Elysian Wild)
The AbyssGreat Axe*99% of damage is converted to void, and if higher will scale from Intelligence.

*Deal 20% more damage when mana is below 100%.
Closing Corrupted Breaches
SerenityGreat SwordOffense Stance +2% empower per attack for 5s (Max 10 Stacks) Defense Stance: +2% fortify when hit for 5s (max 10 stacks)PVP Reward Track
Freya’s FranciscaHatchetThrown Axe projectiles reduce all axe skill cooldowns by 25%. (5s Cooldown)The Blighted Greenskeeper – Garden of Genesis
InfernoFire StaffIf higher this weapon scales with StrengthCommander Marius – Empyrean Forge
OdoFlailYou deal 20% more damage to stunned foes. (Works with both Weapons)Vanash – Elysian Wilds
Deep FreezeIce GauntletFrozen, rooted or chilled enemies take 15% additional damage (on Both Weapons)Ice Troll – Glacial Tarn Expedition
VengeanceLife StaffWhen you successfully heal gain 1% dmg for 10s (stacks to 20)PVP Reward Tack
The MechanicMusketTraps and Sticky Bomb cooldown reduced by 25%Toy Maker Phthah – Elysian Wilds
FinisherRapierAttacks against Bleeding targets deal 15% more damage and reduce Flourish’s cooldown by 5% (1s Cooldown) (Works on Both Weapons)Montrapala the Unruled – Elysian Wilds
Scorpion’s StingSpearJavelin now does 160% weapon damage and pulls targets toward you. Scorpio Supernal – Brimstone Sands
The ButcherSwordBleeds last 33% longer (Works with both Weapons)Zhou Taiying – Mutated Dynasty Shipyard
LifetakerVoid GauntletYour ranged attacks inflict Disintegrate for 8s on both weapons (1 cooldown). And if Higher, this weapon scales with DexterityPugnacious Purutu – Elysian Wilds
Spark of MjolnirWarhammer*99% of Hammer Damage is converted to lightning, and you deal 20% more lightning damage with both weapons
*Mighty Gavel causes a lightning strike that inflicts a 30% weaken for 7s.
Chardis – Lazarus Instrumentality

Artifact Armor

NameEquip WeightKey PerkObtained From
UnyieldingHeavyPVP only: Receive 20% less damage from critical hits. PVP Reward Track
Grey Wizard’s HatLight100% max manaClosing Corrupted Breaches
Djinn HeadwrapMediumnon-crowd controlling debuffs expire 20% faster on you.Beasts in Elysian Wild


NameEquip WeightKey PerkObtained From
FeatherweightLightThis Armor is weightless.Ner’Mur – Elysian Wilds
Nimble CoatMediumReduces max Cooldowns by 10%PVP Reward Tack
Void DarkplateHeavyYour armor is increased by 20%Nereid in Barnacles and Black Powder Expedition


NameEquip WeightKey PerkObtained From
Quickdraw GlovesLightYou’re immune to damage for 0.5s after you weapon swap (12 Second Cooldown)Season 4 Season Pass
Ghoul GlovesMediumWhen you hit a foe below half health, transfer one debuffOvergrown Guardian or Adiana’s Chosen Beast
Magnetic GauntletsHeavyCrit Chance increased by 50% but crit damage reduced by up to 50%.Isabella in Tempest’s Heart Expedition


NameEquip WeightKey PerkObtained From
Attuned Leather PantsMedium+10 to all other AttributesMain Story Quest – The End of New Eden
FreedomHeavyStun, Slow, and Root effects expire 25% faster.PVP Reward Track
Koya’s Knee GuardsLightIncoming ranged physical attacks deal 33% less damage to you.Outpost Rush Cache


NameEquip WeightKey PerkObtained From
Tumbler FeetwrapLightSuccessfully Dodging attack, gives you 15% empower and 25% fortify for 5s, you are also healed for 200 +2% of your max hp. OPR Cache
Winged Leather ShoesMediumBase duration of hastes on you is increase by 50%Season 4 Season Pass
The UnmovedHeavyYou cannot be displaced.PVP reward Track


NameTypeKey PerkObtained From
MichaelKiteCooldowns reduced by 5% On Block: lost one debuffPVP Reward Track
The WallTowerGain 5% base damage reduction you cannot dodge, but have 33% more staminaHeru
GladiatorRoundWhen you are hit in melee inflict bleed on your attacker dealing 10% weapon damage for 10s (3s cooldown)Tribunal Ice Mammoth (South East Elysian WIld)

Artifact Jewelry

NameTypeKey PerkObtained From
AnkhNecklaceincoming Heals are 50% stronger, consumables and outgoing heals are 50% weakerPVP Reward Track
Lost StopwatchNecklaceWhen Activating Taunt Gems: Stuns Last 100% longer but base damage is decreased by 15%Commander Thorpe – Mutated Depths Expedition
BlooddrinkerRing– 25% damage, 25% LifestealGreundgul the Regent – Mutated StarStone
Endless ThristJewelryHealth Potions are 33% stronger, but the cooldown is 20% longer.N/A


That concludes our New World Artifact Guide. For more New World Content, check out our Home Page.