The New World Equip Loads system involves the sum of all your armor weight. This sum determines which bonuses you will receive from the Equip Weight system. In this New World guide, we will go through the weight of each piece of armor.

Benefits of each Equip Load

Before we look at the best way to optimize mitigation for each equip load, let’s look at the benefits of each of the 3 equip loads. Below is a chart that summarizes what you’ll earn while in each equip load.

Equip LoadWeightDamage ModifierIncoming CC DurationOutgoing HealingBlock StabilityDelay in Run after hitDodge (cost)
LightUnder 13+15%+10%30%-15%1.0s DelayRoll (-50 Stam)
MediumFrom 13 – 22.9NoneNoneNoneNone0.75s DelayHop (-50 Stam)
HeavyOver 23-15%-20%-30%+15%0.5s DelayStep (-50 Stam)

Heavy armor also has increased threat generation from taunting gems and perks to account for the decrease in damage output.

The amount of Mitigation you’ll earn from each equip load varies depending on damage types and the type of armor you’re wearing.

Optimal Light and Medium Equip Loads

First, will go through which pieces you would wear in order to receive optimal mitigation for the light and medium equip weights in New World.

Below is a table that shows the weights of the different pieces of armor in New World.

Armor SlotLightMediumHeavy

The below table lists the armor pieces you would need to wear for maximum mitigation in the light equip load category:

Amor SlotWeight
Light Head1.5
Medium Chest6.2
Light Gloves1.5
Light Pants2.0
Light Boots1.5
Total Weight12.7

The below table lists the armor pieces you would need to wear for maximum mitigation in the medium equip load category:

Amor SlotWeight
Heavy Head4.7
Heavy Chest11.0
Medium Gloves2.6
Light Pants2.0
Medium Boots2.6
Total Weight22.9

There are other ways to obtain these New World Equip Loads outlined below.

Alternative Light Equip Loads

As shown above, the Optimal Equip Weight for light armor is a medium chest piece with light in the rest of your armor slots. You can also obtain this by the following set:

  • Light chest
  • Medium pants
  • Gloves, boots, and Helm (2 light and 1 medium)

This setup allows for more crossover between Light and Medium Equip Loads. You can use 3 of the same pieces of gear while using the alternative Medium Equip Load mentioned below.

Light Equip Load with Shield

If you plan on using a shield in the Light Equip Load, the round shield is your only option. Your setup should look like this:

  • All Light Armor
  • Round Shield

Alternative Medium Equip Loads

It’s important to point out that there are other possible combinations that will provide you with 22.9 weight. You can also earn a Medium Equip Load by equipping the following set.

  • light helmet
  • heavy chest
  • light gloves
  • heavy pants
  • medium boots.

This setup provides slightly less mitigation but you can keep more pieces of armor while switching between a light and medium equip weight.

Medium Equip Load with Shield

If using a shield in this Equip Load, you will need to shift your armor to the following set up:

  • Medium Chest Piece
  • Light Pants
  • Helm, Gloves, and Boots (2 heavy and 1 medium)
  • Round Shield

Heavy Equip Load

Once in the Heavy Equip Load, you will need to use all heavy armor in every slot to maximize mitigation. The same goes for the shield slot. Make sure you are using a Tower Shield in this slot.

New World Equip Loads Conclusion

That does it for our Equip Loads guide! Make sure to test out each equipment load to see what works best for your New World Build.