Welcome to our Dark and Darker Crafting Guide. In this guide, we will go over each vendor and the named items you can also craft from them. Crafting is not always the optimal method to obtain gear, however, should you have some spare materials laying around – why not?!

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To find what Vendors have to offer, head to the Vendor of your choice and select the “Service” tab. Here is where you’ll find what items are craft-able. Vendors also have the ability to make use of the Cobalt and Rubysilver found in dungeons.

Craft-able Named Items List

Below is a list of all currently available named items that can also be crafted at various Vendors for specific materials:

Item NameItem TypeVendorItems NeededRarity
Demon Grip GlovesGlovesLeathersmith1 Centaur Tail, 3 Bones, 25 Gold.Rare
Wolf Hunter LeggingsLegsLeathersmith2 Grave Essence, 5 Wolf Pelt, 25 Gold.Rare
Tri-pelt Northern Full TunicChestLeathersmith1 Troll Pelt, 2 Wolf Pelt, 25 Gold.Rare
Gravewolf GlovesGlovesLeathersmith2 Grave Essence, 4 Wolf Pelt, 25 Gold.Rare
Dread HoodHelmetLeathersmith1 Centaur Tail, 2 Broken Skull, 1 Bone.Rare
Fouls BootsBootsLeathersmith1 Centaur Tail, 3 Maggot, 25 Gold.Rare
Demonclad LeggingsLegsLeathersmith1 Centaur Tail, 2 Old Cloth, 25 Gold.Rare
Sterling BowRecurve BowWeaponsmith1 Uncommon Recurve Bow, 1 Silver Powder.Rare
Sterling Blade LongswordWeaponsmith1 Uncommon Longsword, 1 Silver Powder.Rare
Sterling StaffQuarterstaffWeaponsmith1 Uncommon Quarterstaff, 1 Silver Powder.Rare
Sterling ShortswordShortswordWeaponsmith1 Uncommon Shortsword, 1 Silver Powder.Rare
Sterling RodFlanged MaceWeaponsmith1 Uncommon Flanged Mace, 1 Silver Powder.Rare
Sterling DaggerDaggerWeaponsmith1 Uncommon Rondel Dagger, 1 Silver Powder.Rare
Sterling AxeAxeWeaponsmith1 Uncommon Double Axe, 1 Silver Powder.Rare

Each item that a player can craft from the Vendor occasionally rolls with different affixes. As a result, keep an eye out for stats that suit you! We will continue to update the table to include any new crafts and also changes to crafting recipes. Make sure to check back if changes occur!

Crafting items can additionally assist players in clearing out some storage as well, so never be afraid to craft and use some cool items!

End Game Crafting, Copperlight and Gold Gear

As Vendors level up from your Quest progression, you’ll gain access to new items as a result of your affinity with them. Gold Armor and the Weapons you can craft when vendors are at maximum affinity are your end-game items to craft. These particular pieces are incredibly powerful and should be used only when you feel comfortable.

Where to find Crafting Materials

The Crafting Materials in Dark and Darker can be quite rare at times. However, the general rule of thumb when searching for materials is to follow the name of the item itself. For example:

  • Wolf Pelt – Commonly found when looting Wolves
  • Troll Pelt – Typically dropped from the Goblin Cave’s Troll boss
  • Bowstring – Found very frequently only from Bow-type enemies
  • Centaur Tail – Can often be found in the Inferno map, from a Centaur

Finally, remember that the Vendors, such as the Weaponsmith, Leathersmith, and Tailor can all produce Copper, Cobalt, Gold and Rubysilver gear!

Dark and Darker Crafting Guide Conclusion

Thanks for checking out our quick and easy guide for the crafting options available to you in Dark and Darker. Also, for more Dark and Darker guides, check out our main page. Finally, for class guide options – check out our Bard and Warlock guides!